No white Christmas where you live? If snowmen and sleighs are scarce in your area, highlighting your outdoors with a fresh, green look is a great way to get into the holiday spirit. Jessica of House Full of Summer shows us how she decorated her front porch for Christmas in Florida’s warm, sunny climate.

Decorating with White Berry Cypress Wreath, Garlands, and Topiaries

Jessica answers a few questions about her style and her front porch holiday décor.

What’s your signature style?

My style is light and airy, but also cozy and welcoming with a little touch of glam. I’m a Northerner by birth and a Southerner by choice. I love coastal and Southern styles and always look for ways to incorporate them into my décor.

What are the key items you used to tie the look together?

In my home, I like light colors and neutrals with fresh greenery throughout the year. So, I decided to carry that same look out to our front porch for the holidays. Let’s call it “Fresh and festive with a Floridian twist!”

White Berry Cypress Wreath adorned with a silver ribbon

It can be a struggle to decorate for Christmas when you’re surrounded by palm trees and tropical plants. So, I was delighted to find the White Berry Cypress Foliage, which consists of realistic bay laurel, cypress, and cedar leaves. These all grow naturally in Florida! I went with a shiny silver and platinum wire ribbon to add a touch of glam. I think Christmas should be just a bit fancier than my normal décor.

Tell us about the decorating process. What was the hardest part about it?

The biggest challenge for me was figuring out how to actually to attach the garland to the house. The walls aren’t smooth, so adhesive hooks were out of the question. But, I totally nailed it! (Get it?) It ended up being easier than I expected because I hammered in thin nails on the softer molding. Then I used twist ties to create loops around the garland wire for hanging.

Decorating with White Berry Cypress Garland

What was your favorite piece to work with?

The topiary shrubs are absolutely adorable! I’ve always wanted some to flank my front door! They are so real-looking and are pre-lit with timers, making this decor a no-fuss solution.

Pre-lit White Berry Cypress Topiary

In what way can readers replicate the look, while making it their own? 

There are many ways to use garlands. For example, you could follow the line of your doorway or let it drape once or twice to create a new look. You can add ribbons and bows to the corners of your garland in different colors and styles. You can also set the topiaries inside baskets or planters, or wrap them with ribbon.

What do you think about the new look of your front porch?

The front door is the first thing that greets visitors upon entering a home. In years past, my front porch holiday décor was pretty pitiful, and it was really not much to look at. Now, I hope that it gives our guests the warm welcome they deserve.

Decorating with pre-lit White Berry Cypress Wreath, Garland, and Topiaries

This season, give your front porch a festive makeover with holiday greenery. Visit Balsam Hill’s site for more outdoor foliage that look great whatever climate or area you’re in.

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