Mother’s Day Stories: Debbie of Debbie Doo’s

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Debbie of Debbie Doo's

Debbie is a versatile Mom who likes to blend her creativity and eclectic style through all things near and dear to her heart and home.  She shares unique, thrifty and savvy ideas all on a realistic budget via her blog Debbie Doo’s, which she established in 2009.

For our Mother’s Day campaign, we invited Debbie to impart stories of her mother, and share her thoughts about being a mom herself.

mom and I_DEBBIE

Describe your mom in 3 words.

Beautiful, funny, with a loving heart.

Describe what your mom means to you in one sentence.

An extension to my heart an soul. Truly my hero.

What’s your favorite activity to do with your mom?

Decorate, shop and eat.

What are you most grateful to your mother for?

Teaching me honesty, integrity, and good work ethic.

What’s your favorite way to show your mom that you care?

A simple phone call is all it takes.

Are there small things your mom does for you that lets you know she cares?

They are never small. That’s the problem, she is much too generous!

On being a mom.

What is your favorite part about being a mother?

What is the most rewarding and most challenging aspect of it? Watching them grow into Men who someday, any woman will truly be blessed to be their wives. Most rewarding is when another parent or teacher compliments on the kind, thoughtful and overall caring person they are. Most challenging is getting them to be more responsible around the house. That part, their future wives will appreciate if they do more chores and pick up after themselves.

Has motherhood changed how you decorate your home?

Not at all. I have always been a collector of decor, and never cared for girly, girly stuff. I never had to put anything away, or had to worry about the boys breaking something. They learned early on, no touch.

Has your mother influenced how you decorate and entertain in your home?

Absolutely, everything I have learned and do in our home is passed down from my Mom. Her cooking, setting of a nice table, and always making a house a home.

What advice has your mother given you that you would also like to give to your children?

Never give up!

Is there an activity you do now that still reminds you of something you did with your mother as a child?

Yes, hang curtains and buy throw rugs.

Do you have any springtime traditions you would like to pass on to your children and grandchildren? 

Spring cleaning of course.

How do you and your family prepare your home for spring? Is there a specific piece of decor you put out that signifies spring has arrived?

My spring urns, window boxes and the decorative roosters get a fresh new color every season.

What’s your idea of a perfect Mother’s Day celebration? 

To have my husband cook me a nice meal.

Debbie's porch - Debbie Doo's
Spring Porch by Debbie

Check out Debbie’s blog post to see how she decorated her home with Balsam Hill’s Dark Bronze Tuscan Urn Planter Pot!

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