The warmth of fall is always followed by the dipping temperatures of winter. As the seasons change, pumpkins and falling leaves are slowly replaced by winter displays. Ease the transition in your home by seamlessly removing and adding decor apt for the coming winter.

Balsam Hill's Autumn Abundance Foliage
Balsam Hill’s Autumn Abundance Foliage

Here are some fun ideas you can use in your home to welcome the coming holidays:

Rearrange Your Home

Before you decorate your home, consider rearranging the furniture. As the cold arrives, people naturally spend a greater time indoors. Move your furniture around to make sure that there are warm areas around your home where people can congregate. Pull the furniture away from the wall and closer to hearths. Bring out extra pillows for warmth and comfort.

Pine Cones

While gourds and pumpkins are pieces that suggest a classic autumn look, consider replacing them with pinecones in jars or pots. Fill antique wooden boxes or apple crates for countryside-inspired ambiance.

Balsam Hill's Holiday Scented Pinecones
Balsam Hill’s Holiday Scented Pinecones

Pine cones look especially impressive in glass vases or simple mason jars. You can also use them to fill decorative plates as part of your table centerpieces. Before Christmas, tie up some pine cones with thread or ribbons in hues of autumn. You can later swap the autumn ribbons with red ones as Christmastime approaches.

Add Layers

Instead of merely using cloth on your table, try draping blankets on it. Blankets add a warmer look and comfort to your home. Place one that reaches the floor and add another layer to refine the look.

Add Warmth

Replace your sheer drapes with thicker and longer curtains to blanket insulation. Thicker fabrics freshen up the look of your rooms while preventing the cold air from entering your home.

Add Life with Colors

Deer Pillow Cover
Balsam Hill’s French Staghead Pillows bring sophistication to any room

A good way to drive the winter blues away is to infuse your home decor with color. Add accents to your neutral couches with brightly colored throws and pillows. Choose lively colors reminiscent of spring and summer, like fuchsia and yellow, to perk up your rooms.

Fresh Flowers

Romantic Tablescape by Courtney
Our brand ambassador, Courtney, shares her decorating skills by using floral arrangements on her tablescape

Adding flowers is another excellent way to make rooms beautiful. Choose white roses or tulips to highlight the freshness of winter. You can also use orchids, like cymbidium, that add an exotic feel to your home.

Creating a beautiful fall to winter decor for your home is easy with these tips and a little bit of imagination. Happy decorating!

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