When it comes to outdoor décor for autumn and Christmas, we often think of decorating the front door as a warm welcome to guests. But what about our windows?

Windows can be overlooked when it comes to décor, but they are a wonderful place to add a bit of the season. The outside of your home is another space to sprinkle your magic and style around. Today we are talking about ideas and tips for doing just that. And the best part is, whether you have just a few or many windows to decorate, you can use these same tips to get the look.

Use Outdoor-Safe Foliage

Tip: Use outdoor-safe foliage to decorate your home outdoors all year long.

Fall wreath and garland display on window

There are many beautiful foliage options to choose from at Balsam Hill. But when it comes to decorating outside, you will want to use outdoor-safe foliage that is made to be used indoors and outdoors. It has the same quality and attention to detail and will stay beautiful when exposed to the elements outdoors.

Start with a Festive Wreath

Tip: Start with a wreath and center it on your window for beautiful symmetry.

Courtney places fall wreath on window

This window is right near our front entry door and is a perfect place to add a bit of warmth with fall foliage like this Outdoor Autumn Traditions wreath.

Choose a wreath that is the right size for your window and the look you would like. A larger wreath will give more visual impact but should be balanced so that it fits the width of the window. A beautiful look is to have the wreath reach both sides of the window for fullness. Or if you prefer, you can allow 4″-6″ on either side.

Decorate Below Your Windows

A garland is a perfect way to add a beautiful bit of pizazz to your window at the top and also at the bottom. And you can do either one or both if you like. There are no rules.

fall wreath on window with fall garland on window box

Below the window is an area that is often overlooked and a missed opportunity when it comes to decorating windows.

Courtney arranging fall garland

Since we have window boxes on almost every window of our house, I love to fill those boxes with beautiful outdoor décor even when spring and summer flowers aren’t blooming. You can drape garland under your windows just the same as above as well. For this autumn look, I placed a single garland on the window box and doubled it back for a full lush look.

Drape a Garland Above Your Window

Tip: Match your garland to your wreath and other foliage decorations for a coordinated look.

red berry pine wreath and garland hanging on window

Switching your outdoor garlands and wreaths are an easy way to transition your home décor from fall to holiday. A garland above your window is just as beautiful as a garland above your door. It ties the whole look together and frames your window to create a beautiful polished look. I used Balsam Hill’s Outdoor Red Berry Pine for this traditional look and it was perfect.

Courtney arranging garland in window box

You might also notice that I placed a garland below when decorating the Christmas window as well.

Illuminate Inside Your Windows

Tip: Use twinkling trees inside your home in front of a window for year-round magic.

Window decorated with wreath and garlands

At night when the lights are glowing and the house lights up with all that beautiful holiday magic, it creates the most lovely charm and ambiance. For this look, Balsam Hill’s Champagne Glitter LED trees created the perfect amount of twinkle light ambiance in the background.

Add Charm with a Window Candle

For a lovely classic décor that touches on Christmas past and traditions we love, place a candle in your window on the sill.

close up of holiday foliage

Balsam Hill’s Miracle Flame Chamberstick LED candles are a charming way to light up your windows all year long. They have a realistic flame and flicker, have a sensor that detects evening and morning light, and turns on and off on their own.

Tip: Add LED candles on your window sills to safely add a warm glow all year long.

Dress Up Your Wreath for a Custom Look

Window decorated with wreath and garlands

Want something that is outdoor-safe and charming and also unique to your own home and style? Add a ribbon to your outdoor décor for a different look and to tie your indoor and outdoor decorations together. I added the Farmhouse Ribbon to this holiday wreath to add a French Farmhouse feeling.

Decorate Your Windows All Year Long

outdoor christmas wreath and garland on window

Wreaths and garlands for your windows is a perfect way to warm up the outside of your home during the holidays. You can use that same approach to decorating outside all year long. For spring and summer, you can choose floral-filled foliage to add that beauty to your windows and porch areas.

I hope this post gives you some ideas for your outdoor décor and inspires you to add a bit of seasonal charm to your own windows.

Happy decorating, all!

Courtney of French Country Cottage

As the founder of lifestyle blog French Country Cottage and editor of Romantic Homes magazine, Courtney is known for bringing chic aesthetics and vintage elegance to her designs. Courtney offers readers creative ideas and decorating tips inspired by the ongoing renovations of her 1940s cottage home.

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