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Expert Tips to Match the Best Vase for Your Flower Arrangement

It’s simple and easy to create stunning flower arrangements with the right floral and vase combinations. Find the best vase for your flower arrangement from the wide variety of containers available. They come in different shapes and sizes you can choose from. There are vases made of durable materials such as glass, ceramic, porcelain, clay, and rattan. Other vases are made of non-rusting metals such as aluminum, brass, bronze, or stainless steel.

Watch this video for some ideas on how to match flower arrangements to different types of vases.

Video transcript

Courtney: Hi, I’m Courtney from Balsam Hill and I’m here to talk with you today about choosing the right size vase and vessel for your stems. A couple of these are my own personal containers. These are vintage, and the reason I chose this one is because it’s short and wide, so we could really fill up a lot of blooms in this one to make a really full arrangement. This one is a seltzer bottle, which has got a really narrow top, so you can use just a couple of stems in there and it’s a nice little accent.

This vase is from Balsam Hill, and the thing that I like about this is I like the gold band that it has, which is really pretty and it adds an elegant touch. And it has a wide mouth which is really nice for adding a whole bunch of blooms and getting that really full, beautiful bouquet.

This is the stoneware vase, also available at Balsam Hill. The thing I like about this one is I like the size and I like the height. But I also like that it’s a cottage style vase and these are kind of a cottage-style bloom, the snapdragons. It just fits perfectly.

This is a traditional fluted glass vase and this is perfect because it’s really tall [so] it can give you a really nice, beautiful arrangement for a table, on the mantel, anywhere. All of these flowers and these three vases can be found at

When choosing what vase to display your flower arrangement in, consider the length of the stems as well as the colors and sizes of the flowers you’ll use. You can stick to a palette of similar hues, or use complementing colors to come up with striking designs.

There are different types of floral vases to choose from:

Tall and narrow

Slim-necked and elegant, tall vases are best for flowers that have long stems and large heads such as roses and sunflowers. You can add picks, leaves, and other greenery to create a bountiful display.

Short and stout

Often used as a base to support small foliage such as succulents or delicate flowers like violets, short or box vases are ideal for displaying on most tabletops, mantels, and counters. Add other materials such as candles, pebbles, or shells to give your arrangement a unique look.


The classic fishbowl shape makes your flower arrangement appear fuller as they spill over the brim of the vase. Use this type of bowl to display orchids, daisies, mums, and flowers that have rigid stems for stronger support. Others feature designs that give the illusion that they hold water, giving the container a stylish and charming look.

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