Entertaining outdoors is always on the agenda in summer. By adding a few extra twinkly touches, you can create a lovely ambience and magic for a night to remember.

fairy light cloches

I am sharing 4 elements that I used for the centerpiece to create an inviting ambience for this table recently. And the best part? It is so easy to recreate the look.

#1. Create an enchanted centerpiece with fairy lights

For this centerpiece, I used fairy light cloches, vintage copper pots, flowers, and a few candles tucked here and there.

fairy light cloches

For a bit more sparkle to the cloches on the table, I set them in vintage copper pans.

fairy lights cloche

#2. Add a bit of metal patina

Copper adds such a wonderfully warm and elegant touch and was the perfect complement to the twinkly lights as well as the shiny copper tumblers and sparkly martini glasses.

copper tumblers

Style tip: The Fairy String Light Cloche can be used with batteries, which makes it easy tor tucking anywhere in the yard or table without the mess of cords.

copper tumblers

#3. Add outdoor string lights for even more magic

Draped from tree branches or a pergola, these Edison-style Outdoor LED Cafe string lights look absolutely incredible and give off the perfect amount of warm soft light for a dinner party.

These are LED lights, which makes them even more fantastic and cool to the touch compared to regular lights.

string lights

Style tip: String several strands together and create a stunning display above a table by zig-zagging the strands back and forth at various heights.

outdoor entertaining

With just a few elements you can create a charming dinner party for your guests and wonderful memories for years to come.

Find what I used here:

Fairy String Light Cloche

Outdoor LED Cafe Lights

Copper Tumblers

outdoor entertaining

Happy Entertaining!!


  1. Hi Courtney could you tell me where you get your needlepoint pillows thanks

  2. Barbara Ann Rowell-Holt Reply

    I love your taste – matches mine exactly!! Oh, Peonies – my most favorite bloom in the world!! Tree – Tulip
    Magnolia Awesome!! The blush Peonies and Tulip Magnolia Blooms are the most beautiful ever – anywhere.
    I would love to know where you live. The little white house, in your backyard I would guess – I’ve always
    wanted one in a backyard like yours. I’m entertaining the idea of enlarging a playhouse and building it to
    live in. I think that would be perfect. I have a photo of one and have made it into an adult living space. It’s
    just adorable. I would love to bring it to fruition. For one adult and my little dog, “Sir Knight Bentley Alexander.”
    Otherwise known as “Ben” – he has such a perfect little puppy face and is the best little boy ever!!

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