Holiday decorations use a lot of energy, especially from the lights on your Christmas tree and the ones on your roof and lawn area.

Balsam Hill's Fairy String Light Cloche
Balsam Hill’s Fairy String Light Cloche

Aside from reducing the number of lights strewn outside and switching to LED lights, you can save on your indoor lighting budget by switching to these energy-saving holiday decorations.


Our Miracle Flame Outdoor Battery-Operated Candles
Balsam Hill’s Miracle Flame Outdoor Candles fill paths and entryways with a warm, realistic glow

Instead of turning on your ambiance lights, switch to candles. Group candles in various sizes and place them around your house. By using candles off different heights, you get to control the amount of light you need. Bigger candles with thicker wicks generally produce stronger light, so adjust as necessary. This way, you add ambient light that’s not only reusable but also cuts down on your energy bill. Ensure that your candles are kept far away from flammable objects such as curtains, the Christmas tree, or the stockings hanging on your fireplace.

LED Bulbs

Balsam Hill's LED Fairy String Lights
Choose from a variety of LED lights from Balsam Hill’s Fairy Light Strings collection

Saving energy doesn’t require you to stop using Christmas lights. Just switch to more energy-saving alternatives. LED Christmas lights not only use less energy but also last a lot longer. You can also reduce the bulb size of your lights since the bigger the bulb, the more energy it uses. Instead of stringing the usual Christmas lights around your tree, opt for smaller ones. You can also do this for your outdoor lighting.

Go Green

Our Magnolia Wreath used as décor for a lit, traditional lantern
Our brand ambassador, Courtney of French Country Cottage used our Magnolia Leaf Wreath to lend a warm, rustic element to the lantern

You don’t need to light up your entire house to bring the bright, festive cheer of Christmas into your home. Decorate with greenery, like plants and small shrubs. These add freshness into your living space while saving you from having a humongous Christmas electricity bill.

Avoid Automated Décor

Stay away from automated decor since they use up a lot of energy, especially when it’s kept on throughout the night. You don’t really need a Santa that pops out of the box on your front lawn, or a train set that travels around the border of your living room. Opt for standing décor instead.

A jolly Santa statue on the lawn brings an equal amount of cheer, especially if you decorate the area with large boxes of presents (empty, wrapped cardboards, of course). Instead of keeping the train set running, let it remain stationary at the train stop of a little Christmas village.

Saving energy during the holiday season is easy. You just have to be smart on the things that you keep plugged into the electric socket. Pick the areas in your home where you truly need to use energy, like for the Christmas tree and keep everything else simple.

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