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The most breathtaking homes charm you the moment you step in. A transit point between the outside world and your own luxurious enclave, the entryway can exude an ambiance that is both intimate and spectacular.

How does one create an enchanting entryway? Read on to find out.

Bre of Rooms for Rent's enchanting entryway
Our Evergreen Magnolia Wreath and Wintry Woodlands Foliage add rustic tones to this entryway from Bre of Rooms for Rent


Create an inviting ambiance in your foyer by painting the receiving area in a tone that elicits a feeling of welcome. Warm and subdued wall colors allow paintings, sconces, and ornaments on the console table to become salient without clashing with their surroundings. These lighter tones also evoke a sense of calm and intimacy, which guests need to feel the very instant they step into your dwelling.

Dark wall colors should be avoided as they may seem daunting, especially at first glance. Hues that appear too dim, such as aubergine, maroon, or navy blue, not only make rooms look smaller, but also give off a distant vibe.


Balance these muted wall colors by contrasting them with unique floor patterns. Opt for a polished look with marble or wooden floors that are resplendent under the light of a chandelier. Persian rugs also add a touch of opulence because of their ornate texture and design.


A grand staircase that spirals smoothly in the middle of the foyer serves as a magnificent centerpiece. Guests often marvel at how cascading steps add definition to the space. The more fluid the lines created in your receiving area, the easier it is for your guests to feel relaxed because of the ease of movement it suggests. At the same time, a grand staircase offers guests a glimpse into your luxurious home.

For homes without staircases, opt for a painting or mirror as the centerpiece.


Place a round pedestal table at the center of the entryway or a console table by the wall. Setting accent pieces on these surfaces helps the foyer exude character. Embellish these tables with candles of varying height; a tall but narrow vase containing flowers; or photos in exquisite frames.

Accent pieces can also include furniture, such as a wingback chair, love seat, chaise lounge, or ottoman. They exude a look of comfort that is essential to creating an inviting ambiance.

Finally, complete the magnificence of your foyer by adorning the ceiling with a chandelier and accenting the walls with a pair of sconces. No matter the size of the entryway or the centerpiece you choose, your foyer becomes all the more mesmerizing with the luminescence of these pieces.

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  1. The study is also off the foyer. The walls are done in a very stately federal blue faux with a soft sheen. The hand-planed espresso dark chocolate wood floors continue in this space. A partner’s desk and a clean-lined, very square built-in continue the decidedly masculine tone of the room.

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