Aside from preparing a Thanksgiving feast brimming with traditional food that will excite your guests’ palates, a Thanksgiving party is never complete without striking décor to establish the festive, heartwarming ambiance characteristic of this classic holiday. So accompany your savory stuffed turkey and array of delectable side dishes with a gorgeous centerpiece, and add an air of warmth and sophistication to your family gathering.

Feast of Fruits

Be inspired by the season’s fruits when creating this centerpiece. Head to the local farmer’s market and select from a range of autumn produce that showcases the season’s amazing colors. From apples, cherries, figs, cranberries, and grapes to plums, pears, and chestnuts, autumn’s bounty provides a variety of amazing produce to incorporate into your design. Consider selecting fruits or nuts that will create a beautiful play of color. Once you’ve made your selection, place these on a sturdy base or within a frame that will act as a decorative border, such as this English Boxwood Wreath. The lush green tones of this wreath create a color contrast that heightens the freshness of the produce. Once dinner is done, you may even serve the fruit as part of a fresh fruit dessert platter for your guests to enjoy.

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The Colors of Autumn

Recreate the beautiful ambiance of the season with a centerpiece that embraces autumn’s colors. The contrast between red, orange, yellow, and green is such an eye-catching combination that truly embodies what the season is all about. Creating such a centerpiece does not have to be difficult. If you can, try to find a seasonal wreath, such as Balsam Hill’s Golden Gourd Fall Wreath—and use it as the base. Next, find a candle that comfortably fits in the wreath’s center. A fall-themed candle is ideal. For example, you may want to get a medium muted orange-toned candle with a pumpkin pie scent similar to the pies your grandmother used to bake when you were younger. A luscious scented candle that evokes your family’s Thanksgiving memories adds a delightful accent to the dining space, creating a nostalgic ambiance perfect for the occasion.

A Rustic Affair

With the crunch of dried leaves underfoot and the trees’ bare branches reaching towards the sky, autumn is a truly rustic affair. The stunning change of colors—from lush, verdant greens to crisp, vivid reds—is a beautiful thing to recreate for the dining table. For this centerpiece, you’ll need a base that captures the season’s abundance, like this Harvest Foliage Fall Wreath. Next, take a trip to your local flower shop and purchase a selection of fresh or artificial flowers. Arrange your collection of flowers in a small clear vase placed in the center of the wreath. The brightness of these flowers contrasts wonderfully against the rusticity of the wreath, creating a visually tantalizing centerpiece.

Have fun creating an ambiance worthy of the occasion by sprucing up your dining table with these striking centerpieces, and invite your family and guests to enjoy a dining experience surrounded by the season’s beauty.

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