Autumn not only brings about a beautiful change of scenery, it also welcomes one of the country’s favorite holidays: Halloween. With horror as the major theme for most exterior décor, it can be difficult to stand out from your neighbors.

A gold-framed mirror added elegance to this enthralling display

Try something different this year by adding a subtle elegance to your home’s spooky Halloween exterior.

Display Uncarved Pumpkins

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Uncarved pumpkins of varying sizes and colors added an autumn harvest feel into this outdoor Halloween display

Instead of carving faces into a pumpkin, display them in their original, untouched state. In the photo above, autumn’s earth-toned splendor is achieved by a myriad of pumpkins, with Outdoor Black Cat Luminaries to add playfulness to the scene.

However, if a carved pumpkin is something you do crave, why not opt for an unusual design? Do away with the usual Halloween grin and carve intricate scenes on your pumpkin instead. When lit, these scenes bring an interesting play of shadows to your front lawn.

Use Spooky Lighting

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Adding lighting allows you to play with shadows for an eerie effect

Make the most out of your home’s exterior fixtures when decorating your home. Lampposts and landscape lighting are great foundations for elegant Halloween décor. Wrap the top of lampposts with a sheer patterned fabric to mute the lighting and create spooky shadows. For the posts themselves, you wrap them with shredded fabric for a touch of ghostly texture. Keeping with the horror theme, you may even wrap the bulbs of your landscape lighting in red saran wrap to create an eerie glow. Use our LED Black Halloween Garland to add spooky lighting to any decor or fixture.

Add Foliage

Balsam Hill’s Tabletop Halloween LED Tree

Take advantage of your front lawn’s foliage and existing landscape when prepping your home for Halloween. Tall trees make an amazing base for creepy décor elements such as mini-caskets or shrunken heads. Tone down the effect of these items and add a bit of sophistication by complementing them with a shower of dry, autumn leaves. Spruce up flower beds or bushes with cotton cobwebs in various colors. A mix of red, white, and orange is a great color combination for the season. Bringing color to your Halloween décor not only makes your home stand out from the rest, it also softens the spookiness factor when night falls, making your home the perfect stop for little kids out trick-or-treating with family and friends.

Give these décor suggestions a try when Halloween comes around and impress your guests with your unique play on the holiday’s horror-fest. Visit for more Halloween decoration inspirations and ideas.

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