animated GIF with multiple Christmas tree being decorated

A stunning Christmas tree is easy to create by following a decorating theme. A theme covers everything from tree toppers to ornaments and skirts. But with the countless options out there, choosing a theme can be tricky. In these videos, designer Brad Schmidt presents five complete looks to inspire your tree decorating.

Silver & Gold Christmas Tree

Silver and Gold

Decorate your Christmas tree with a classic look by combining metallics and shimmering accents to bring timeless elegance to your holiday home. Get the look here.

Farmhouse-Inspired Christmas Tree

Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments

Natural elements and plaid patterns add rustic charm to your tree. Create a warm and inviting Christmas look using these decorations.

Midnight Frost Christmas Tree

Midnight Frost Ornaments

Capture the serene beauty of a winter landscape with icy shades of white, blue, and silver. Pops of dark navy provides elegant contrast. Find winter-themed decorations here.

Brilliant Bordeaux Christmas Tree

Brilliant Bordeaux Ornaments

The use of rich colors and intricate details give this traditional red and gold Christmas tree a luxurious feel. Recreate this look with decorations like these.

Monochromatic Christmas Tree

French Country Cottage Ornaments

Go for a clean and sophisticated style with these white and silver Christmas decorations. To achieve this modern look, combine glossy and matte pieces in varying shapes and textures like these.

Let any of these decorating themes bring sparkle and shine to your Christmas centerpiece. Find more inspiring holiday decorating ideas by clicking on the button below.


  1. Kanika Sharma Reply

    Nobody is really sure when Fir trees were first used as Christmas trees. It probably began about 1000 years ago in Northern Europe. Many early Christmas Trees seem to have been hung upside down from the ceiling using chains (hung from chandeliers/lighting hooks).

    Other early Christmas Trees , across many parts of northern Europe, were cherry or hawthorn plants (or a branch of the plant) that were put into pots and brought inside so they would hopefully flower at Christmas time. If you couldn’t afford a real plant, people made pyramids of woods and they were decorated to look like a tree with paper, apples and candles. Sometimes they were carried around from house to house, rather than being displayed in a home.

  2. Dalton Ivers Reply

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