Elegant Centerpiece and Tabletop Inspirations for the Holidays

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Tables are important practical fixtures in a lot of homes. What many people are not aware of is that they can also be turned into impressive holiday displays that embody the festive spirit of the season.

artificial flowers on tablescape
Realistic Spring Florals from Balsam Hill

With an exquisite selection of holiday accent pieces, you can delight everyone with your decorative theme and make celebrations even more special. Here at Balsam Hill, we give you Christmas tabletop decor ideas to help you achieve that sophisticated look perfect for the holidays.

Adding Charisma and Cheer with Wreaths and Centerpieces

Balsam Hill's Mountain Meadow Centerpiece

Traditional evergreen foliage is a must-have during Christmas time. These splendid pieces evoke the beauty of lush mountainside forests, breathing life and beauty into precious spaces. One such item is our 36-inch Mountain Meadow Centerpiece, a delightful addition that brings elegance to any setting. Composed of grey green foliage, pine cones, eucalyptus, and cypress, it brightens up any dining area. Pairing this with a gold and white runner and a modest table setting creates a graceful look ideal for dinner parties with friends.

Balsam Hill's Cranbrook Orchard Centerpiece

For a deeper and more colorful showcase, homeowners will find joy in our 36-inch Cranbrook Orchard Centerpiece. Adorned with golden and green apples, spices, and a marvelous selection of berries, our piece reflects the bounty and richness that is synonymous with the season. The centerpiece itself is brimming with grandeur, made more apparent by the sleek candles that come with it. Placing it on a simple wooden table is enough to fill your space with some Williamsburg charm.

Balsam Hill's lovely Heritage Spice Wreath

The same effect can be achieved with our prelit Heritage Spice Wreath. Laden with pine cones, apples, berries, pomegranates, and cinnamon sticks, this wreath gently provides warmth to any area with its adornments and captivating glow.

Ideal for both dining tables and coffee tables, this accessory easily complements the timeless look of your tree and ornaments, tying up your Christmas decorative scheme tastefully. Pair this item with our Adjustable Wreath Stand to fully highlight the lovely visage of the wreath.

Inviting the Cheerful Christmas Spirit with Our Fresh Wreaths

decorated Christmas wreaths

If you want to breathe new life into your space by using various holiday greens, then Balsam Hill’s fresh wreaths are perfect for your home. Each piece is composed of various types of foliage that mimic the look of freshly harvested greens, providing a sweet yet subtle touch of elegance in your home.

Whether placed flat on a table with a flameless candle in the middle of the wreath, or hung against your door, your space will have the splendor of the season all day and into the evening.

Bringing Classic Radiance with Flameless Candles and Prelit Wreaths

Balsam Hill's Flameless Candles

Entry or side tables can also be used as a platform for ambient lighting. Adding a soft glow provides a cozy appeal and soothing warmth that go well with crisp winter evenings. Our selection of Flameless LED Candles create just that effect. As a bonus, these innovative and elegant pieces promise safety. They do not cause harm and also provide convenience as homeowners won’t need to worry about those cumbersome wires that come with most lights.

Place a couple of these on a corner table with other ornaments to fill your room with a personal touch. You can also place it by itself to create a relaxing mood that family members will enjoy.

Balsam Hill's Glass Candleholder

Another beautiful and refined selection is our Platinum Rim Glass Hurricane. With the platinum rim and base, it can instantly complement decorations and trinkets. Pairing this with cream or white mantels and table cloths sets the stage for a glamorous table that can be left in place until January. Its clear glass also allows a bright glow to emanate from the candle, accentuating other resplendent ornaments.

Making a Unique and Bold Statement with Ornament Trees

gold ornament tree
Gold Shimmer Ornament Tree from Balsam Hill

For a more modern look, an ornament tree in a striking color is the showcase for your corner tables. It provides decorating enthusiasts with the unique opportunity to create a display that matches their personality, interests, and hobbies.

Let your ornament tree take on a wintry theme and adorn it with snowflakes, silver pine cones, and white jingle bells. If you want something inspiring, you can also hang message ornaments to reflect the sentiments of the season. Don’t forget to decorate it with trinkets that echo the shades of your other pieces to create a seamless look.

Conveying the Charm of the Winter Season with Gorgeous Cloches

Decorative glass cloche holiday decoration from Balsam Hill
Decorative Glass Cloche from Balsam Hill 

There’s nothing more charming than the winter landscape. Wouldn’t it be a treat if you could bring this into your home? Our Glass Cloches are superb vessels for the season’s bounty. Fill these with acorns, various types of nuts, or even bulbs and small trinkets that match your interiors. Place these beside your wreath or garland on a table in your living room.

For your dining table, fill these with your favorite treats, such as cookies, chocolate, or berries. Make sure to place items that would complement your table settings and linens. For example, if you have poinsettias and plaid ribbons on your linens, you can fill your Cloches with dried poinsettias. This creates a focal point that echoes the theme of your area.

Create a stunning and memorable holiday Christmas table centerpiece with these marvelous ideas and products from Balsam Hill. For more inspiring tips on how you can decorate your home with Balsam Hill’s artisan foliage products, follow us on PinterestFacebook or Twitter.

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