Creating, reusing and recycling Christmas decor not only saves you money, but also decreases your impact on the environment. With all the resources available today, opting for “greener” holidays is easier than ever. The following are easy-to-do ideas for creating eco-friendly ornaments:

A precious handcrafted ornament has less environmental impact 

Edible Treats

For a more delectable set of decorations, hang edible goodies on the tree. You can string popcorn together to make a long garland that you can wrap around the tree. Painted gingerbreads and salt dough pastries also make for creative ornaments. Just tie them with a string and hang them on the branches.

Recycled Cards

If you have any leftover Christmas cards from last year, punch a tiny hole through the cards and string them together to create an interesting garland that you can wrap around your tree. For a more personal touch, use cards that have special messages on them to remind your family of the joyful time of Christmas.

Natural Baubles

Dried pine cones, twigs, and berries are excellent additions to your tree as they add a rustic touch to holiday decorations. You can hang them on the branches or stick them in various spots on the tree. You can even paint them in metallic colors to make them more visible.

Craft Projects

With the help of the younger members of your family, you may opt to have an origami project where you can use leftover colorful wrapping paper to create snowflakes, wreaths, hearts, flowers, and balls. You can also cut the wrapping papers into thin strips to make confetti that you can sprinkle around your tree. This will create great bonding experiences for you and your family.

When creating own eco-friendly Christmas décor, bear in mind to use organic, natural, and bio-degradable materials as much as possible. It’s also prudent to use leftover materials to prevent overspending and generating more trash.

Let your creativity guide you in creating and designing these interesting and inventive decorations that will make your tree look charming and cheerful throughout the holidays.

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