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3 Easy Ways to Spruce Up Small Spaces for Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time to embellish your living space with an array of festive, colorful decorations. However, if you find yourself with limited spaces to decorate, don’t worry. Small areas are fun to beautify because they challenge you to be more imaginative and resourceful in arranging your holiday masterpiece.

Caption: This Sonoma Slim Pencil Tree fits beautifully into any tight space (Photo courtesy of Citrine Living)
Sonoma Slim Pencil Tree fits beautifully into any tight space (Citrine Living)

Here are ways you can decorate small spaces with a festive holiday look:

Create a Focal Point

The focal point of the holiday season is a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Not all spaces may be able to accommodate a full-sized tree, however. Thankfully, you may choose other tree types like narrow trees and slim trees that are especially designed for small rooms and tight spaces.

Another space-saving type is the flatback tree, which as the name suggests has a flat back that rests against the wall, giving the illusion of a full-figureed look while taking only half the space. For an introduction to the various types of artificial Christmas trees, read this article.

Another option is to decorate branches with your usual Christmas tree decorations and place it in a corner of your room. You may use fake or real tree branches, preferably those that are long and thick enough to bear the weight of the ornaments. Place them in vases packed with beads; the beads will help keep the branches straight. Hang your favorite Christmas ornaments on them and brighten them up by adding a dash of tinsel.

In lieu of tree replicas, you may opt for Christmas tree decals that you can stick on your walls. These decals come in an array of sizes. This way, you won’t have to rearrange your furniture. These decals are also easy to remove once the Christmas season is over, making for hassle-free cleanup.

Decorate with a Unifying Theme

If you’re not careful, you may end up over-decorating, which can make a small space look even smaller. Establishing a cohesive theme will help you limit your décor selection and prevent your display area from becoming crowded.

Take stock of your embellishments and choose one – such as an ornamental vase or vibrant holiday stockings – and make it the central piece of your décor. Use the characteristics of this initial item as a guide to select accents that will match it.  For example, if you chose a vase that has gold leafing, items with similar gold detailing will go well with it. In the photo above, notice how blue and white hues on the trees and on the vases help create a harmonious look. Experiment with various combinations; mix and match until you reach your desired result.

Leave Functional Space

If you’re decorating a small foyer or hallway, make sure you still leave enough walking room and standing space for your guests. Avoid décor pieces that take up floor space, and use items you can easily place atop tables or the mantel. Add vibrancy by using tinsel, garlands, and wreaths, which are hassle-free options that take up very little space.

Spruce up your home with these easy tips and transform those tiny corners into beautiful, festive areas for the holidays.

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