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Simple and Easy DIY to Create a Beautiful Bouquet with Faux Blooms

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Let’s be honest: creating a beautiful bouquet to use in decorating or for a special day can be a bit daunting and expensive.  Especially if you are like me and love those most amazing flowers – peonies. Peonies are romantic and beautiful, and some of the most loved flowers, but can be quite expensive. They are only available for such a short time a couple times a year, and in some areas can cost up to $20 a stem for those delightful blooms.

So today I am talking about a simple, easy, and economical way to get that fresh peony arrangement look any time of the year, all year long – more inexpensively than paying $20 a stem for them. And in just a few easy steps.

1. Start with your faux blooms

I chose white peonies and pink peonies for this arrangement, and added just a couple of white roses as well.

The key is to choose artificial flowers that have the right color, size, and look, and mix them accordingly. Whites and pinks go together perfectly – and make sure to include large, medium, and small sizes.

2. Add a few fresh greens

To make a bouquet full of faux flowers more realistic and to add a bit of scent, mix in some fresh greens like eucalyptus. It helps to round out the look – and the bouquet.

3. Clip your stems

Start by deciding what length of bouquet you would like and clip your stems accordingly. For reference, these are clipped to right around 12 inches.

4. Start with big flowers and mix in others

I started with a couple of the largest blooms to create a small centerpiece, and then filled in around them with smaller and colorful ones.

The key is to have something that looks real, which means just a little less than perfection in symmetry and in construction. It is okay if you have one extra pink bloom for example or if one side of your bouquet has more eucalyptus. Think of the design as being free flowing.

5. Wrap it up

I decided to create something that looked almost as if it came fresh from the flower market, so I wrapped my bouquet up with brown flower market paper and tied it with a few strands of twine.

It is perfect for a vignette on the mantel or on a chair, or simply place into a vase for a more ‘realistic’ floral arrangement look.

Creating a simple and stunning bouquet with faux flowers is easy, and as you can see, completely gorgeous as well.

Watch this short video to see all the steps in creating your very own elegant bouquet:

What is your favorite faux bloom to bring home?

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