Jeff Andrews of Known for creating sophisticated homes for families and celebrities alike, Jeff Andrews is not afraid to push creative boundaries while aligning with his clients’ needs. He sees to it to make his design aesthetic and his client’s ideas and needs work together for a harmonious outcome. Aside from making a space look beautiful, the sought-after interior designer never forgets to give it a feel of what a home should be – a place to rest and enjoy with your loved ones.

Jeff is always full of ideas, adding a fresh twist to classic design through an innovative way of seeing things. With a clientele that includes the likes of Ryan Seacrest and Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, Jeff and his team aim not only to meet house interior design goals, but also to exceed expectations through careful planning according to what fits within the client’s lifestyles, needs and dreams.

Jeff Andrews has chosen to use Balsam Hill products in a few of his projects in the past. He was kind enough to do an interview with us— find out more about his design background, creative process and his thoughts on Balsam Hill’s premiere products! Below is the transcript of our conversation with the renowned designer.

BH: Why did you decide to become an Interior Designer? Have you always dreamed of becoming one?

Interior Design is actually my second career. I was a choreographer for years before making the transition into Interior Design. Design to me is very much like choreography, in that it’s made up of many moving parts, which need to flow seamlessly into one beautiful and cohesive result.

BH: How do you come up with design ideas for your clients, as well as your own home? Do you take inspiration from the everyday or do you get design cues from the out-of-the-ordinary?

My head is constantly filled with design so there is no lack of inspiration or ideas. It’s just a matter of putting all of the pieces together to fit with the clients’ needs and tastes.

BH: How do you integrate your personal style with your clients’ own ideas?

Clients usually come to me because they are drawn to my particular design aesthetic, so the integration of my personal style with their ideas is a natural process that evolves over time, much like the client-designer relationship.

BH: How would you describe your holiday decorating style? 

My holiday decorating style is natural, low-key glamour. I’m drawn to elements and colors that are derived from nature, like metallics and shades of white and green. Nothing too cheesy or overly traditional or childish – just chic and festive!

BH: What is your must-have or signature Christmas display or ornament, and why?

White lights and white flowers like Amaryllis or Calla Lilies always add a certain sense of sophistication to holiday decorating.

BH: What made you choose Balsam Hill products to decorate for the holidays?

Balsam Hill has the best variety of holiday decorating products of any company I’ve seen, and their quality cannot be matched.

BH: Do you have a favorite product from Balsam Hill? What do you think makes it special?

Balsam Hill’s life-like trees and garlands are of the highest quality, with a huge variety of different species to choose from.

BH: Are there any house interior design guidelines or decorating dos and don’ts that you follow when decorating for Christmas?  

DO – Let your Christmas holiday decorating reflect your personal taste and blend seamlessly into your home décor.

DON’T – overdo it. Don’t let your home become a bad holiday movie.


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