As the founder of lifestyle blog French Country Cottage and editor of Romantic Homes magazine, Courtney is known for bringing chic aesthetics and vintage elegance to her designs. In this video, you’ll get to know her creative process and inspirations for her first line of artificial florals with Balsam Hill.

From Home Décor to Floral Design

From renovating her 1940s home to creating her own line of home decorations, Courtney’s designs have a refined yet rustic French Country feel. Her signature style is present in her work as a freelance photographer, brand stylist, and writer—for which she constantly searches new sources of inspiration. “I draw my inspiration for the creative process with what’s around me—with nature, with anything I’m working on, [or] when I’m traveling,” she explains. “Or at home, it may be something as simple as how the light hits the floor when it bounces through the French doors. I’m just inspired constantly. That’s why I have my camera with me all the time, because I want to capture those things that inspire me.”

 French Country Floral Arrangements

Courtney brings the charm and beauty of the countryside into her first collection of floral arrangements with Balsam Hill. Inspired by real-life flowers blooming outdoors or at the farmer’s market, she shares, “What I would like to achieve with my new collection is to give people an option [for] when they want something French Cottage-inspired… and a choice to be able to get these flowers where they live.”

The lifelike blossoms of her floral arrangements, such as the Loire Valley Arrangement and Brittany Rose Arrangement, show Courtney’s style of mixing together flowers in similar shades to capture the elegant monochromatic color scheme she is known for in her home décor.

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