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Designer Christmas Décor by Nicole Miller x Balsam Hill

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A household name in fashion since the ‘80s, iconic American designer Nicole Miller brings modern elegance with a twist in this designer Christmas décor collection. Watch the video to learn how Nicole combines her signature style with her love for Christmas.

Video transcript

Nicole Miller: I was really excited about doing the Balsam Hill collection because, well I’ve always been fanatic about Christmas. And I’ve collected Christmas tree ornaments for years, and I have vintage ornaments, I have ornaments from my family. And my favorite thing every year is to make my Christmas tree and decorate it.

So when I met the people from Balsam Hill and they said would you be interested? I said, Of course. Christmas is like my favorite holiday.

Kate Verdin: There’s really nothing more elegant than a white Christmas, and Nicole always finds ways to do elegance with a twist. Our Balsam Hill collection is a modern take of a white Christmas, with lots of geometric shapes and sparkle, while still looking very clean and delicate and rich.

Cynthia Nixon: Nicole is an authentic runway designer. She’s been designing for many, many years. She’s a well-known figure in the fashion industry and we just ensure that her vision and her DNA is incorporated into all the product categories that we work on with her.

Madison Chiavetta: Nicole is known for her use of prints and gorgeous colors and I think the customers will really see the use of metallic colors and geometric prints in the ornaments and Christmas decorations.

Kate Verdin: We really feel strongly about this partnership with Balsam Hill because it’s our first step into holiday décor. We really wanted to team up with the experts to do it. 

Nicole Miller: What I really liked about Balsam Hill was the taste level. I really liked what they were doing already, and I think their quality is amazing.

Cynthia Nixon: I’m really excited to see Nicole Miller and her brand extend into the holiday product category. And it will be wonderful to see how that translates into Balsam Hill’s customers in their homes.

Nicole Miller: I can’t wait ‘til Christmas! (Laughs) I’m really looking forward to it, more than ever this year. And I think it’s going to be so much fun.

Taking off from a modern take of a white Christmas, Nicole shares her passion for her favorite season through each piece. “I can’t wait ‘til Christmas!” says Nicole. “I’m really looking forward to it, more than ever this year. And I think it’s going to be so much fun.”

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