The Layered Look: Decorating with Throw Blankets and Pillows

Throws appear to be new on the decorating front, but they have actually been with us for quite some time. Remember the bright-colored knitted or crochéd afghan that seemingly never quite went with anything? Decorating with throw blankets and pillows has come a long way now, as décor enthusiasts have transformed these simple accessories into gorgeous accent pieces that can be layered to coordinate the home’s overall look and style.

Throw blankets are practical pieces found in living rooms and family areas, mostly for warmth and protection from drafts. Throws can also be treated as accents, enriching the style of any abode with their unique appeal.

Enrich your living room as we hit the colder season with a layered look composed of carefully selected blankets and cushions that bring out a warm feel.

Traditional Layering

Adding throws that complement classic seating reinforces the time-honored look of traditional living rooms. A checkered houndstooth blanket can create a more informal look. Tossed with intricately designed throw pillows, this chair presents the interest of solid, plaid, and pattern often associated with traditional styling. With a bold combination of patterns and harmonious mix of hues, these living room elements can work together and seep comfort into your home.

Throw blankets paired with pillows soften the look of leather chairs and, at the same time, provide a cozy seat lining for the leather, especially when it gets colder in the latter part fall and all throughout winter. Here, the throw picks up the wall color as well as the color of the area rug.

Contemporary Layering

Dress up your chaise lounge with a throw and a few pillows of varying shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. A neutral chaise grants you the freedom to give it a fresh touch several times a year according to a preferred theme or style. Blending solid-colored pillows with varying density of patterns in other pillows provide interest with the quatrefoil-like patterns and floral print. The throw is a lighter hue of the solid pillow, a hint or echo that adorns the chaise with another layer.

Modern Layering

This white couch would have vanished against the white walls in this room, but with a bright-colored throw draped over it and a modern 2-2-1 pillow arrangement (two squares of one pattern, two of another and one rectangle cushion at the center), it becomes a statement sofa. The patterned pillows show a grid pattern that finds those colors and black-on-white design in a wider arrangement on the floor, blending with and balancing out this room with an unexpected color motif.

Transitional Layering

Clean lines and neutral colors make this living room a sophisticated space. By adding an interesting highlight with a daring mustard yellow throw and a pillow of the same hue, the sofa is given much more life and character. This contrast allows us to see the various values in the dominant color in the room.

Rustic Layering

An easy way to give your sofa a rustic layered look for the fall season is by draping an entire throw blanket over it. The striped throw completes the theme of this rustic room, in addition to the stone fireplace, wooden crated coffee table, and natural rug.

For the chair, a textured luxurious solid-colored throw picks up tones in the throw on the sofa. Not only will these throws give your home a comfortable autumnal appeal, they will also help keep your couch clean in the sloshy days of winter!

A Southwestern Appeal

Aside from making couches much warmer to sit on, throw blankets also protect the sofa’s upholstery. This striped serape blanket and Southwestern-themed cushions are perfect for completing the room’s Mexican look.

A Touch of Plaid

Add a splash of the classic checkered pattern to a room by draping a plaid throw over a sofa, chair, or bed.

A plaid tablecloth is a great way to add a cozy feel to a dining table. This red plaid throw is the perfect backdrop for a fall-themed tablescape.

Gorgeous Bed Scarves

Using throws as bed scarves not only protect bedspreads but also add a decorative element to the bedroom, keeping your coverlet looking nice. More importantly, these throws can be used to give extra warmth at night.

Draw inspiration from our guide on decorating with throw blankets and pillows and give your home warmth and comfort this fall and winter

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