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Decorating with Potted Trees

Sometimes a little tree is exactly what you need to bring charm to a space. And a little tree in a pot or bucket? Well, that is even better.

Today I am talking about potted trees and sharing a few ideas on where you can use them. They are a natural touch outdoors to dress up your patio areas. They are perfect without lights on for adding color with their warm greenery, and with those twinkly lights all aglow, they can bring the perfect amount of magic to an otherwise ordinary space.

Three beautiful pre-lit potted trees to accentuate your patio

One of my favorites? These little Greenwich Estates Pine trees are definite charmers. With their full branches and sweet little pinecones, they are a natural and simple choice for so many places in your home. I also love that these trees come in 3 sizes, and are absolutely darling grouped together on the patio by the French doors. Since they are battery-operated, you can place them anywhere without worrying about plugging them in – such as further out like fire pit areas and patios, where power isn’t an option. Simply set the timer, and they will switch on and add that twinkling magic at the perfect time as the sun sets.

Another ideal spot to use these trees is by the front door on the patio. With a few lanterns and a variety of containers to place the trees in, you can group several together and create a charming ambiance to welcome your guests.


A good tip when decorating with potted trees is to think about unique ways of displaying them. You can try placing them in an urn or in a container you normally plant with fresh flowers for spring, for example, or using a charming little enamel or galvanized bucket. And maybe my favorite look? I placed them inside a couple of vintage milk containers which bring a charm of yesteryear and are perfect for a country home.

Pre-lit potted trees in vintage milk containers

Another favorite little tree of mine that could be used in so many ways are these adorable Morning Frost Tabletop trees. Featuring lightly frosted foliage and dotted with delicate little pinecones, these burlap-wrapped trees are perfect for adding a huge amount of charm without taking up too much visual space.

Beautiful Morning Frost Table Top Trees

These trees are battery-operated as well, which means you can bring them outdoors to place on the dining table or even tuck into a container to accent the patio area and not have to worry about how to power them up. My favorite spot to display them is on the mantel. I used all 3 sizes of them and arranged them with books, a few eucalyptus pods, and pomegranates for a natural and charming look that can be up long before and after Christmas decorations.

Pre-lit Morning Frost Pine Table Top Trees

When it comes to potted trees and where to enjoy them in your home year-round, think outside the box a bit for ideas and ways to display them – from your kitchen window sill to your bathroom counter, or to a small grouping on a table inside your home. With so much charm and versatility, little potted trees definitely aren’t just for the holidays and can be enjoyed all year long.


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