Spring is one of my favorite times of year, with its promise of new beginnings. As the seasons change, it’s time to transition your home’s décor from subdued hues to bright colors and patterns. Even just a few carefully selected pieces will give your home a fresh look in keeping with the season of rebirth. Let me show you how I transformed my upper deck into the perfect spot to watch nature’s beauty unfold.

Dagmar presents a welcoming, spring-themed space

Vibrant Florals

One of the first things that come to my mind at the mention of spring is the profusion of blooms that the season usually brings. That’s why floral arrangements are a staple in décor at this time of year – and my home is no different.

I wanted to start my spring transformation with a key accent that I would base my décor transition on. The Phalaenopsis Snowball arrangement provides just the right touch of elegance and charm, with its pristine white blooms standing out amidst beautiful green foliage.

Bright Colors

I wanted to infuse my home with cheery colors, but I didn’t want anything that would seem too jarring or overwhelming after the more subtle palette of winter.

Bright colors and striking patterns emphasize the spring theme
Bright colors and striking patterns emphasize the spring theme

I picked up the bright green in my floral arrangement, and used the same hue in my other accents, such as the placemat on my glass table and the seat covers on my deck chairs. The continuity gives balance to the space and goes a long way to creating a welcoming area for me and my loved ones to enjoy.

Natural Accents and Patterns

No home transformation is complete without the right accents. In keeping with the theme of spring and rebirth, I chose a pattern of white fronds set against a green background. It’s clean and crisp, a great way to showcase natural patterns in this space.

Lastly, I positioned a beautiful double-ball boxwood topiary in the corner. Its look is clean and vibrant, somehow reminiscent of English gardens – perfect for the look I was going for. For a finishing touch, I added even more blooms among the boxwood branches for bright pops of color mixed in with the foliage.

The end result is a space that reflects the essence of spring, with a combination of different elements and accents that make my upper deck bright and welcoming. For more design inspiration, visit Balsam Hill.

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