There have been a lot of design trends the past couple of years. We have seen the revival of the Bohemian and Gypsy aesthetics in décor, the popularity of eclectic pieces, and even a fascination for layered design schemes. In 2014, I think we’re finally returning to the classics. And I don’t mean wingback or camelback sofas. I refer to those pieces that feature lines that echo back to classic pieces, those that have basic structures, and those that easily go well with new colors and fabrics.

At this point, I think we are all tired of beige and tan colors. Looking at the trends right now, it seems more and more people are interested in decorating with hues that embody a sense of tranquility, colors like muted placid blues as well as various shades of purple and pink. In celebration of the new design season, here are several home décor inspirations featuring these calming colors.

The Serenity of Blue

a splash of serene blue on a room with wide window

Blue has the uncanny ability to be both sophisticated and casual. At the same time, this captivating color can also fill rooms with a sense of calm that puts everyone in a relaxed state. Naturally, this is perfect for rooms where family members can dine and rest after a long tiring day. In the photo, the splash of blue in the wall gives this modern space a tranquil appeal that softens the multicolored tiles and the dark countertop in the area. This cool demeanor is further elevated by the presence of the wide open windows and the addition of white tables and chairs.

blue paired with rustic and stately brown pieces

Pairing blue and cream also creates a marvelous look while providing a sense of peace. In the photo above, we see a rich blue wall paired with a rustic sofa featuring an earth-tone fabric. This pairing is made more beautiful by the addition of a wooden desk and a blue arm chair. To give your room a dash of timeless beauty, make sure to add an old-world chandelier, a globe, or another small table.

an entertainment area made softer and more cozy by blue curtains

Sometimes a simple addition is all it takes to give your room a touch of stillness. In the photo above, we see a bold room with a brick wall and brown couches. This is made softer by the addition of dainty blue drapes. Homeowners can also add blue throw pillows to play with the graceful hues of the curtain. Family members will spend countless hours in this room completely at ease.

The Soft Side of Pink

an immaculate white room with hints of lovely pink

Deep pink is a strong color that easily overpowers. But when used properly, it can bring in both radiance and a gentle spirit of interest into any space. In this pure and unblemished room, the presence of a wreath, throw pillows, and even books featuring this alluring color adds a chic and bright energy to the space, making it attractive for the whole family.

a modern living room with fun pink additions

Another fine example is this minimal space, which has been given a mild but captivating character through the addition of the pink arm chair at the corner of the room. The sofa also incorporates the choice hue with striped pillows that feature the same deep pink as the seat, creating a lovely scheme that is simply remarkable.

a sophisticated sitting room made more stylish and bright by a pink ottoman

Pink and brown also make a marvelous combination. It fuses together the timeless beauty of classic décor with the spunky attitude found in modern sensibilities. In this room, a pink ottoman offers a soft touch to an otherwise stuffy room, making the space more inviting. Add flowers to breathe some freshness into the space. Family members will love the timelessness and the innovative color use in such an airy and lovely location.

simple chairs made more wonderful by the inclusion of pink upholstery

One other combination of brown and pink that’s just pleasant to look at is seen in the photo above. The stately dining room is given a bit of flair by the presence of modest chairs featuring a light pink cushion. This humble addition is enough to turn the room into a unique area.

The Muted Splendor of Purple

a stylish room with purple walls and couches

Purple is a gregarious color, but like pink, it can be used to bring life and a unique quietness into a room. In the image above, the pairing of the purple wall with the purple couch brings interest into this space, without compromising the comforting atmosphere provided by the white fixtures. This combination will certainly attract family members to lounge around in the area on lazy afternoons.

a beautiful living room that features the color purple and a selection of vintage pieces

Varying shades of purple can also work in a room. Adding different violet fabrics in a space filled with classic pieces creates a pairing that exudes a fashionable old world charm. This vision pays tribute to simpler times and is particularly appealing to people who are a fan of vintage fixtures. Choosing this scheme provides your home with the perfect spot for tea with family and friends.

Breathe a fresher and more serene atmosphere into your home this 2014 with these design inspirations from the Balsam Hill blog.

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