While you’re busy enjoying your summer holiday, chances are, you’re already thinking up plans for another yearly extravaganza: Christmas. But why wait until December? You can have the best of both worlds right in the middle of summer.

After giving your Christmas tree that all-important midyear checkup, it’s time you adorned it with summer decor. The variety of design schemes inspired by the sun, sea, and sky makes July a unique time to hold a yuletide festivity. Let Balsam Hill help you style up your artificial Christmas tree with these quick decorating tips and give that timeless holiday tradition some summer pizzazz.

Quick Tip#1: Adorn your Tree with Sea-Inspired Pieces

Images of the beach, even if seen only as a photograph or painting, are known to soothe the senses with the blending of the seascape and the sunny skies. The gentle breeze and the calming sound of water washing over the shore also give you the stillness you need against the quicker pace of the city. Recreate the invigorating feel of the sea with a beach-themed Christmas tree. Hang conchs, scallops, starfish, and other types of seashells throughout the tree. Scout for small twigs, paint them white, and hang them on your tree as well. Highlight your decorative pieces with clear lights for a sunlit effect.

Quick Tip#2: Stringing Summer Hats as Garland

Summer hats never go out of style – especially if you have an excuse to wear one! Not only is a summer hat a lovely accessory on any given day, it is also symbolic of the entire season. Pay homage to the summer heat with a hat-themed Christmas tree. Gather all the miniature hats you can find and string all of them together to create a summer hat garland. Wrapping this handmade festoon around the Christmas tree creates a more interesting eye candy than hanging each of the hat ornaments on random tips. If you do not have enough miniature hats for this project, you can just use one large hat and place it over the tree as a tree topper.

Quick Tip#3: Topping It Off with the Sun!

Welcome the warmth of the season into your home by incorporating the sun as an icon on your Christmas tree. Add sun-shaped ornaments or top it off with a sparkly tree topper to bring a radiant atmosphere into your home. A sun Christmas tree topper in gold stands out beautifully against the lush artificial evergreen.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, follow Balsam Hill on Houzz for the latest collection of our favorite trees this summer. Be more adventurous in decorating your Christmas tree – and let your family share in holidays in the summer sun.

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