Christmas wreaths and garlands are versatile pieces of décor you can use throughout your home. They instantly add warmth and cheer to any space, such as doors, mantels, and staircases.

In this video, designer Jennifer Lutz demonstrates how easy it is to dress up undecorated garlands and wreaths. Watch how she transforms our Fraser Fir wreath and garland into three different looks and read on for our step-by-step instructions.

Show Transcription

Jennifer Lutz: Hi. I’m Jennifer with Balsam Hill. Today, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite tips for styling wreaths and garlands, one of the most versatile tools in your Christmas toolbox.

They can adorn doorways and mantles and staircases and more. What’s great is if you start with simple greens, you can easily dress them up to fit any decor. Today, I’m styling a 24-inch wreath and a 9-foot garland from Balsam Hill.

Before styling, take time to fluff your wreath and garland. It’ll give you the fullest look. Start by placing your greens on a flat surface. For the garland, straighten up the main wire to remove the curls and bends along its length.

Spread the tips up and out away from the main wire. Hang it on your mantle or banister, and fluff the tips until you’re happy with its volume and fullness. Once shaped, it’ll be easier the next year.

I’m going to show you how simple it is to style wreaths and garlands in three different ways. If you picture a warm fireplace and snow falling outside, then the cozy cabin Christmas look is just for you.

For this look, I started with the 4-inch cream and red stripe wired ribbon and added a layer of black and red buffalo check for texture and color. Next, I included large pine cones, gold and mercury glass ornaments, and finally, antlers to create that cozy cabin feel.

For this look, you’ll need mercury glass bulbs, antler picks from your local craft store, pine cones, 4.5-inch and 2.5-inch wired ribbon.

For this garland, I began by layering two sizes of ribbon with complementary colors and then tucked the ribbon into the greens every 8 to 12 inches along the length of the garland. Next, I tucked in antler picks.

Finally, I added gold and mercury glass bulbs for a bit of sparkle. For the wreath, I use the same ribbon to make a simple bow.

To create this bow, make one loop twisting so that the top ribbon stays outward. Wrap it around your thumb from front to back and create a hole to bring another loop through. After I create the loops, I work with the ribbon, pulling up the size of ribbon, until the loops look full and balanced.

You can create tails with the ribbon or, in this case, I used the tails to decorate the rest of the wreath using about a yard of ribbon, tucking in and out along the entire wreath.

Finally, I added antler picks and pine cones to coordinate with the garland. What’s lovely about wired wreaths and garland is that you can use the wired branches to secure the ribbon and additional decor.

I started with a pre-lit garland and wreath, layering two types of ribbon, glass bulbs, and natural elements, like pine cones and antlers completes this cozy cabin look.

If you’d like to make a bold statement, think oversized florals, rich velvets and plaids, and glamorous picks, a Southern Christmas is just for you.

To create a charming Southern look, I paired rich plaid and scarlet velvet with oversized white magnolia picks and layered in gold metallic plumes for a bit of sparkle. Rich color and beautiful foliage creates a dramatic welcoming backdrop.

For this look, you’ll need magnolia and metallic plume branch picks in 4-inch wired ribbon. For the garland, start by layering and tucking your ribbon. Wired ribbon tucks really well while also retaining its shape.

Next, begin layering with the largest picks first. In this case, it was the oversized magnolias, followed by the metallic plumes.

Stand back and observe your design. I’m always checking to see if the decor I’m adding is balanced and evenly spaced.

For the wreath, I tuck the velvet and plaid ribbon clockwise throughout the wreath. You can secure the ribbon with the wired branches. Then I created a rosette bow. I did this by making five large folds and arranging it to look like a large flower.

I secured the base with a green pipe cleaner, but floral wire would work just as well. Pull the ribbon apart to fluff the bow and create a full look. Next, I wired the bow into the wreath. You can also use the wired foliage to help secure the ribbon and bow.

Finally, I layered in the magnolia leaves near the bow, followed by multiple metallic picks throughout the wreath. The oversized florals, rich plaid and velvet, and sparkly plumes creates a dramatic and welcoming display.

If you appreciate the beauty of frost covered berries and eucalyptus, then you’ll want to go with this classic Christmas look. Nothing says Christmas quite like traditional greens, sugar-dusted berries, snow-covered pine cones, and festive glitter ribbon. Pulled together, they create a timeless holiday look.

For this classic Christmas look, you’ll need 4-inch wired ribbon, frosted pine cones, frosted berry picks, snow-covered eucalyptus picks.

Ribbon is so versatile. In this case, I created scalloped bows with 4-inch wired glitter ribbon. I took 2 feet of ribbon and working from the center made three scallops or fans. Then I stapled the fan at the bottom, made tails with the ribbon, and trim the edges into a V-shape.

Before adding ribbons to the greens, take time to pull apart each scallop to create a full bow. Now, it’s time to start decorating.

First, I layered the snowy eucalyptus into the fluffed pre-lit garland, followed by berries. Notice that I spent a few moments arranging the eucalyptus in berry sprays so that their branches fall naturally.

Next, I added the scalloped bows along with the pine cones. I like my scallops or loops to be full. The wired ribbon allows me to create that fullness while keeping its form. It also allows me to tuck the ribbon in and out of the greenery.

Finally, step back and make sure that everything is well fluffed and balanced. Note, I also added a scalloped ribbon, eucalyptus, berries, and pine cones to the wreath to create a festive cohesive look.

For more styling tips, visit our blog, and happy holidays from Balsam Hill.

The Most Essential Step: Fluffing Your Artificial Christmas Wreaths and Garlands

fluffing balsam hill garland

Before styling, take time to fluff artificial greenery to get the volume and fullness you want. Make them look their best with these quick tips:

  1. Place your wreath or garland on a flat surface. When fluffing a garland, make sure to straighten out its spine.
  2. Hold the foliage in place using one hand. With your other hand, individually spread branch tips up and out away from the frame. Begin from the bottom tips and work your way up.
  3. Temporarily hang each item on a vertical surface within easy reach, such as a banister. This makes it easier to spot any gaps and adjust tips until you get the shape you want. When you’re done fluffing, your greenery is ready for display.

Tip: Once your wreaths and garlands are shaped for the first use, it will be easier to achieve the same full look in future years.

Cozy Cabin Christmas Wreath and Garland

cozy cabin decor theme for christmas wreath and garland

Set the scene for a warm and cozy holiday retreat with this decorating theme. Get this look with layers of textured ribbon and natural elements like antlers and pinecones.

cozy cabin decor theme for christmas wreath and garland on mantel

What You’ll Need:

Steps to Decorating a Cozy Cabin Christmas Garland:

balsam hill cream and red striped ribbon with buffalo check ribbon on christmas wreath and garland

1. Layer two sizes of ribbon with complementary colors. For this look, Jennifer paired cream and red striped wired ribbon with buffalo check ribbon for texture.

faux antlers balsam hill cream and red striped ribbon with buffalo check ribbon added to christmas garland

2. Tuck the ribbons into the garland every 8 to 12 inches.

ribbons, pinecones, and christmas balls added to christmas garland

3. Add your garland décor. Start with the antler picks, followed by the mercury glass bulbs and pinecones.

Steps to Decorating a Cozy Cabin Christmas Wreath:

layered brown ribbon and checkered ribbon

1. Use the same ribbons to create a bow for the wreath.

loop and twist ribbons

2. Make one loop and twist the ribbon so the top layer faces outward.

layered ribbons used to make a bow decor for christmas wreath

3. Wrap the ribbon around your thumb from front to back and create a hole to bring another loop through.

creating a large bow with ribbons for christmas wreath

4. After creating the loops, pull out the sides and adjust for a full, balanced look.

tuck ribbons around the christmas wreath for decor

5. Tuck the tails of the ribbons in and out along the entire wreath. Secure the bow using floral wire or use the wreath’s wired branches.

add ribbons, antler picks, and pinecones as accents to christmas wreath

6. Add antler picks and pinecones to match the garland.

Tip: The wired branches of your greenery are great for holding your ribbons and ornaments in place.

Southern Christmas Wreath and Garland

Southern Christmas-inspired wreath and garland decor on mantel

Create a charming look with oversized florals, sparkling picks, and plush velvets and plaids. This magnolia wreath and garland combination accented with rich colors, bold textures, and a bit of shimmer makes a luxurious backdrop for your holiday festivities.

Christmas wreath and garland with magnolia branch picks, metallic picks and velvet ribbon

What You’ll Need:

Steps to Decorating a Southern Christmas Garland:

tuck velvet ribbon into garland branches

1. Layer and tuck your ribbon along the branches of your lighted garland.

layer large magnolia picks into the christmas garland

2. Place the larger picks first. For this look, start with the magnolia branch picks.

add metallic plume picks into christmas garland

3. Next, add the metallic plume branch picks.

christmas garland with ribbon and metallic plumes and large magnolia picks

4. Stand back and check if the décor looks balanced and evenly spaced.

Tip: Wired ribbons work best when decorating wreaths and garlands because they tuck well and retain their shape.

Steps to Decorating a Southern Christmas Wreath:

christmas wreath with velvet and plaid ribbon

1. Tuck the ribbon clockwise along your lighted wreath. Use the branches to keep the ribbon in place.

christmas wreath with rosette bow

2. Create a rosette bow using the same ribbon. Make five large loops and arrange them to look like a flower.

balsam hill christmas wreath with rosette bow of velvet and plaid ribbon

3. Secure the base of the bow with a green pipe cleaner or floral wire. Pull ribbon apart and fluff for a fuller look.

christmas wreath decorated with velvet and plaid ribbon

4. Fix the bow onto the wreath using floral wire or the wired foliage.

christmas wreath with ribbon and magnolia flower picks

5. Now that you have your ribbon wreath, place the oversized magnolia pick near the bow.

christmas wreath with ribbon, magnolia picks, metallic plume pick

6. Lastly, add metallic plume picks throughout the wreath.

Classic Christmas Wreath and Garland

classic christmas wreath and garland decorations

Nothing says Christmas quite like traditional greens, snow-covered berries and pinecones, and festive glitter ribbon. Pulled together, they create a timeless display for many celebrations to come.

christmas wreath and garland with berries, pinecones, and ribbon

What You’ll Need:

Steps to Creating Scalloped Ribbons:

Fold ribbon to create scallop design

1. Using two feet of ribbon, work from the center and make three scallops or fans.

staple ribbon to create looped bow

2. Staple the fan at the bottom to create a looped bow.

cut tails to create v-shape

3. Make tails with the ribbon and trim the edges into a V shape. Before adding the ribbon to your greenery, pull apart each scallop to fluff the bow.

Steps to Decorating a Classic Christmas Garland:

eucalyptus picks tucked into garland tips

1. Insert the snowy eucalyptus picks into the tips of your garland.

place pinecones and red berry picks

2. Next, add the berry picks and pinecones.

scalloped bow with red berry picks, pinecones, eucalyptus picks as garland decoration

3. Add the scalloped bows. Fluff the loops of the bows to create a full shape. Tuck the rest of the ribbon in and out of the greenery.

red berry picks, scalloped bow, pinecones, eucalyptus picks as garland decoration

4. Adjust decorations to make sure that everything is well-fluffed and balanced.

Tip: Spend a few moments arranging the eucalyptus and berry picks so that their branches fall naturally.

Steps to Decorating a Classic Christmas Wreath:

classic christmas wreath decorating idea

Lastly, coordinate your wreath with the garland. Layer the snowy eucalyptus, berries, pinecones, and scalloped ribbon to one side of the wreath.

Undecorated wreaths and garlands are beautiful on their own and look even more gorgeous when styled. If you want flexibility with your décor, these are the perfect canvases for any decorating theme.

We hope these DIY ideas inspire you to express your creativitiy with a Christmas wreath and garland. Explore more Christmas decorating themes and ideas in the links below:

Visit Balsam Hill to browse our collection of Christmas wreaths and garlands. Not quite sure how to choose the right greenery for your home? Check out our ultimate guide.

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