The fireplace is an often overlooked but very interesting part of the house to decorate. With just a few changes to the firebox and some additions to the mantel and the surrounding area, you can bring new life to your home while signaling the start of the new season. This summer, make good use of the fireplace with these decorating tips:

A Decorative Fireplace Screen

Tea Light Fireplace Screen from Balsam Hill
Spruce up your hearth with Balsam Hill’s Tea Light Fireplace Screen

A beautifully designed firescreen works as a decorative accent when the hearth is not in use, especially during the summer months. Balsam Hill’s Tea Light Fireplace Screen is a stylish screen that can brighten up a fireplace no matter the season. It holds 14 votive candles and features an intricate design that adds an elegant touch to any room.

Candles or Lanterns



Light up a fireplace without bringing up the heat by decorating it with candles or lanterns. The white candles in the firebox parallel the purpose of a fire and also pick up the white accents on the mantel. Flameless candles are a good option, especially since many models include a remote and timer feature for hassle-free operation.




Summer is all about enjoying the sunny outdoors. Bring the beauty of nature into your home by decorating with seaside-themed objects. Display a few twigs, a bottle of sand, and some seashells on your mantel to reflect the relaxed mood of summer. Add a few articles like your favorite straw hat, some lanterns, a few plants, and blue bottles or jars to bring in more texture and color. With these decorations, lounging by the fireplace will seem like a day at the beach!




A lush and leafy plant at the center of the hearth makes a soothing focal point. For a touch of traditional charm, set your foliage in an elegant planter, such as Balsam Hill’s Tuscan Urn. Use a pair to flank the sides of your fireplace to create balance, or place a single one on one side for an interesting asymmetrical look. Add flowers and plant cuttings from your garden or a local florist to make a lasting extension of the outdoors that you and your family can enjoy any time of day.

Stacked Wood



Stacking unused logs neatly in your fireplace gives a sense of order and purpose to the room. This technique is a good example of how to build upon a theme set with a main piece. The logs and the floral cuttings in the vase pick up the round shape of the mirror on the mantel, carrying the circular motif throughout the space.

Decorate with Art Pieces



A great thing about displaying artwork on your mantel is that there is no real need to mount them on the wall. You can move them around easily, or replace them with other pieces whenever the mood strikes. Another wonderful option is to decorate the fireplace with your favorite paintings. Simply place your main piece in the firebox and let the mantel serve as the frame.

Try out these decorating tips and breathe new life into your fireplace this summer.

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