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DIY Candy Cane Piñata Stockings
Make a pair of DIY Candy Cane Piñata Stockings to hang on your mantel

When I was a child, my mother made me and my siblings the most beautiful argyle stockings made of real Irish wool. She traveled thousands of miles and made deals with local artisans to secure the yarn. This year, those knitted gems my mother spent months making are nowhere to be found. I thought about telling her we were taking a break from decorating this year, but she knows my love for decoration, so that would never work. After my husband talked me out of tearing the mantel down completely, I finally came clean and together we put our heads together and thought up a new family tradition: the DIY Candy Cane Piñata Stocking.

Dance around the mantel with a cup of hot cocoa
Dance around the mantel with a cup of hot cocoa

The DIY piñata stocking puts a fun twist on the classic Christmas mantel. And it takes no time at all, so we decided to make one for every member of the family! We even made one for my mom filled with knitting supplies and a gift card to her favorite artisanal yarn shop. The bright green rip cords have been taunting my kids for days now and they keep trying to guess what surprises will spill at their feet Christmas morning.

What You Need

  • Poster board
  • Cardboard
  • Green Yarn
  • String
  • Red paint
  • Scissors
  • Fun stuff
  • Glue


  1. Trace your favorite stocking on the white poster board. Do this twice, one for the front and one for the back. Cut the stockings out. Paint on diagonal red stripes to mimic a candy cane.
  2. Next, cut a piece of cardboard the length of the foot of the stocking.
  3. Punch a hole in the center of the cardboard. Drop one yard of yarn through the hole for the pull cord and tassel and knot it on top.
  4. Use hot glue to seal the stocking on both the sides and the bottom. Leave the top open and fill the stocking with goodies!
  5. Once the stocking is stuffed and ready to go, seal the top with another strip of hot glue. Punch a hole in the top corner and take a small piece of yarn to thread through the hole for hanging.

Balsam Hill also offers and assortment of stockings in a variety of colors to complete your mantel.

Decorating the Rest of the Mantel

Decorate your mantel with Balsam Hill's stockings, garland, and flameless candles
Decorate your mantel with Balsam Hill’s stockings, garland, and flameless candles

As soon as the stockings went up, we knew we had make our mantel something spectacular. After all, as the place where Santa makes his grand entrance and friends and family gather to tell stories and share memories, it’s a central part of the holidays. Balsam Hill’s garlands, also available pre-lit and battery-operated, bring fresh life to any mantel and look beautiful weaving in and out of our collection of festive holiday trinkets.

Glittery pine cone ornament from the Silver Mercury Glass Ornament Kit
Glittery pine cone ornament from the Silver Mercury Glass Ornament Kit

These Balsam Hill ornaments are currently casting a shimmery glow across our living room as they catch light from the garland and the eyes of everyone in the room.

Chalkware Burgundy Santa by Balsam Hill
Chalkware Burgundy Santa by Balsam Hill

For the third exciting installment of our Christmas Giveaway, we’re giving you the chance to win Balsam Hill’s Vaillancourt Chalkware Burgundy Santa. Made from antique chocolate molds, his intricately crafted coat and long white beard will deliver Christmas spirit to any mantel or tabletop.

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  1. When I was young, one Christmas Eve my parents sent my brother’s and I to bed. Before we could fall asleep we heard noises on the roof and my parents yelled up the stairs that Santa came. Years later my parents told us my Dad was throwing snowballs on the roof

  2. My dad had THE best, most real looking Santa suit. Every year he would dress up and we would drive around Wal-mart waving and making people happy!

  3. Ann Sakolsky Reply

    My best santa story is memories of being a kid and coming downstairs and seeing all the presents that santa had left, now I enjoy seeing little kids faces do the same thing just so joyous.

  4. I have vivid memories of Santa growing up! Ironically, my local news is showing kids #SantaFail right now on tv ha..Kids crying & upset over Santa!

    I actually sat in Santa’s lap at the airport Dec. 2011 on my way to Los Angeles, and took a pic with him haha

    Thank you for the chance to win! Your decor is beautiful!!

    Joey J.

    Happy Holidays!

  5. I remember Santa coming to school for the first time..oh he was amazing in his red suit..everyone sat on his lap and received a candy cane..I wouldn’t eat mine

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