4 Inspiring Ways to Decorate with Wreaths

One staple of Christmas decorating is the wreath, given pride of place on our front doors to welcome holiday guests. What many don’t realize is that artificial home decor wreaths can work as beautiful accents all year round.

For today’s post, we asked Courtney of French Country Cottage to share a few ideas on how to decorate with your favorite wreaths in new and exciting ways.

Cake Stand Base

A cake on a pedestal for a garden party is always a charming presentation, according to Courtney. Take it a step further by adding a wreath to the base to create an eye-catching centerpiece.

Cake on a pedestal, decorated with Balsam Hill's eucalyptus wreath
Photo courtesy of French Country Cottage

Balsam Hill’s Eucalyptus Wreath is a great choice – it can cover the pedestal base, yet is small enough to leave plenty of space for your food and tableware. Add a few flowers to the cake or sprinkle fresh leaves along the center of the table to play up the design.

Wall Art

Turn your wreath into attractive wall art by combining it with a spare picture frame or chalkboard. Choose the right frame to go with the room’s decorating theme, or use the chalkboard to provide dramatic contrast to the wreath’s foliage.

Balsam Hill's eucalyptus wreath paired with a frame finished in subtle gold
Photo courtesy of French Country Cottage

The next step is simple: hang your wreath right on the frame, or position it on the wall before placing the empty frame. To avoid leaving holes in your walls, use non-damaging adhesive hooks instead of nails or screw-in hooks.

Lantern Accent

Displaying a traditional lantern on your table helps create a cozy ambiance, but accent it with a wreath and it instantly becomes a striking centerpiece. Courtney’s Magnolia Leaf Wreath lends a warm, rustic element to the lantern, and the lifelike foliage adds color and texture as well.

Candela lantern accented by the magnolia leaf wreath
Photo courtesy of French Country Cottage

This look becomes even more enchanting with the soft glow of candles inside the lantern. Courtney recommends using Miracle Flame candles that flicker gently without posing a fire hazard. You can also pair wreaths with cloches filled with flowers or trinkets to form a lovely vignette.

Chandelier Accent

Add flair to parties and special occasions by decorating your chandelier with a lightweight wreath, such as our versatile Eucalyptus Wreath. Simply use string or wire to attach the wreath to the metal frame. For safety, position your wreath carefully so that it doesn’t get too near the light bulbs.

Chandelier embellished with the eucalyptus wreath
Photo courtesy of French Country Cottage

Consider embellishing your wreath with crystal ornaments, fresh flowers, ribbons, or even fairy lights. The end result will be an elegant and captivating conversation piece for your gathering.

With these tips, artificial wreaths are sure to become a home decorating favorite throughout the year. Drop by Balsam Hill for more decorating ideas and a closer look at our wide selection of wreaths.

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