Traditional Christmas tree displays always work well, but that doesn’t mean we should rely solely on tried-and-tested designs. We should take the time to be creative by adding personalized touches into our decorations. Here are some ideas on how to add a little bit of creativity to your Christmas tree displays.

Sarah's Calistoga Fir Slim Pre Fluffed Artificial Christmas Tree
This Christmas tree features a finely crafted sign made of book paper (Photo courtesy of Little Vintage Nest )>

Typography Christmas Tree

Use typographic art on your tree to give it a young, modern twist. Instead of using normal ornaments on your tree, dare to be different by printing out quotes using fonts that you like. Mount the quotes on cardboard and tie them to your tree with gold ribbons. If you have the skill, use your own handwriting to compose a mural of wishes on paper tags for loved ones. The Christmas tree pictured above used a garland of recycled printed pages from a book, adding a vintage look to the “Merry Christmas” sign.

A Tree of Family Photos

Look back on the past year with your loved ones by printing photographs of significant family events. Display snapshots on cardboard with colorful Christmas trim. Add different family ornaments and other old Christmas decorations to make it look like a vintage scrapbook.

A Candy Christmas Tree

What better way to make Christmas sweeter than with candy? Decorate your tree with candy canes, chocolate bars, and gingerbread men. These ornaments can make your child’s Christmas more memorable as they help hang the sweet treats on the tree. You can also give the candies to guests as party favors before they leave.

A Snowman Christmas Tree

You can either buy or craft a snowman papier-mâché head and use it as a tree topper. Collect black ornaments to make its buttons and use silver branches for its arms. Don’t forget to put a red scarf around the top and a black hat to complete the look.

A Summer Tree

Bring back the warmth of summer with glittery starfish ornaments. Choose warm colors like brown and orange to outfit your tree with the summer hues. Accentuate it with small bottles filled with colorful sand from your travels.

A Tree Made of Books

If you’re a book lover with a huge collection, consider replacing the traditional tree with a pile of books shaped like a tree. While it may take a bit more time to prepare, having a non-traditional tree like this may well be worth the effort. The tree’s novelty will be something your loved ones and guests won’t forget.

Make a one-of-a-kind Christmas tree display by finding something you love and sprucing it up with a bit of creativity. Happy decorating!

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