Creating a Nature-Inspired Home for Christmas

Balsam Hill™ is known for the stunning lifelike quality of its Christmas trees, which faithfully depict the breathtaking evergreens in the mountains. Always inspired by the beauty of nature, our designers are committed to create premium Christmas trees and realistic foliage and quality Christmas ornaments to help you make your home an extension of the gorgeous outdoors.

In this edition, we feature the homes of some of our favorite bloggers to find out how they used Balsam Hill items to create a nature-inspired holiday home. Here are my thoughts about their exquisite creations.

White Buffalo Styling

BH Fraser Fir™ Meadow Wreath from Balsam Hill

I love the blogger’s choice of wreath, and I think she used it beautifully on the front door. With the warm tones of her door, she did a great job choosing the Fraser Fir Meadow Wreath to contrast well with it.

Magnolia Leaf Garland from Balsam Hill

She also used the Magnolia leaf garland, which she thought is also perfect for use for the entire year.

Jenna of SAS Interior

Magnolia leaf garland

I like how Jenna was able to highlight and show off the leaves of the Magnolia garland against the paint color in the room, which is a lovely contrast against the greenery. The wall made the Magnolia foliage just leap off the shelf! Jenna bought three of these garlands, one of which she plans to turn into a wreath. I think it’s a great way for her to customize the foliage and create a wreath according to her liking and interpretation of a festive nature-inspired holiday display.

Decorated twigs by Jenna of SAS Interior

One thing that caught my eye was the arrangement of the winter twigs, and outdoor weathered sticks. The clear bulbs she cleverly added to the twigs gave it a gorgeous sparkle. I love the idea of not necessarily using greens just to depict a nature-inspired display.

Vanessa of At the Picket Fence

Fireplace mantle with Magnolia leaf garland by Balsam Hill

The Magnolia leaf garland is a beautiful sight on Vanessa’s fireplace mantel. It looks so realistic that the leaves look like they were freshly picked from nature. The unique thing about her Magnolia garland display is how she incorporated something old, like the amber colored bottles. These bottles are not necessarily beautiful, but the way they exquisitely played off the light from the mirror and the flameless candles made them exude a warm beautiful glow. They dressed down the garland a little, but captured a lovely and casual atmosphere.

Magnolia leaf teardrop by Balsam Hill

Using a Magnolia foliage teardrop and putting it at the base of the staircase is also a gorgeous idea, and a great starting point for decorating the banister with fresh greens to give the stairway a fresh look. The coniferous foliage interspersed in the Magnolia leaf garland and teardrop helped in blending it with the evergreen foliage that would be forthcoming. It was instantly tied in with the other beautiful foliage that Vanessa would want to use. What I love about her décor is how she set a less formal tone in her home, but still captured a celebratory atmosphere using the charm of nature.


These bloggers did a great job giving their homes a touch of nature. Turn your home into a delightful nature-inspired retreat for the holidays, just like what they did for a relaxing and festive atmosphere. Stay tuned for more holiday inspirations and Christmas décor tips courtesy of the Balsam Hill blog.

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