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The Christmas tree may be the star of your space when it comes to holiday decorating, but setting up the coziness around your tree completes the welcoming, festive mood of your home. Here are some ways on how to create a warm and inviting space around your Yuletide centerpiece.

The Christmas Tree

  1. The technique is to mix and match your ornaments imaginatively. You can pick a theme or a color scheme and make it different every year.
  2. Aside from gifts in colorful wrapping paper, you may put framed photos of your family, in various sizes, under the tree. Other than those, you may place asymmetrical pieces of scented candles instead. Assorted fruit basket and floral arrangement are also ideal.
  3. Don’t forget to light up your tree. Dress it up in either clear or colored lights – or a combination of both. Balsam Hill has a wide selection of pre-lit trees that eliminate the need to arrange the lights around them, all you have to do is to plug them in.

The Space

  1. Add evergreen accents around the tree.
  2. Dazzling red-and-white window dressings, thick fabrics or blankets on couch and chairs go well with your tree.
  3. Stick to your theme colors and incorporate reds and greens only as accents. Poinsettias, berries, and sprigs of holly are classic Christmas accents that never go out of style.
  4. For a comfy cottage feel, use fun patterns such as checkered and stripes.
  5. Dress up your fireplace mantel, accent tables, and dining table with classy centerpieces or unique décor.
  6. Pull off a unique and elegant table setting based on the existing color scheme of the space.
  7. Achieve a vintage white Christmas style by using antique white furniture pieces.
  8. Try using other color combinations beyond the classic Christmas red and green to decorate your space.

With creativity and inspiration, you can come up with unique, cozy holiday decorating ideas each year. Happy decorating!

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