Flower stems are quite literally the foundation of any artificial flower arrangement, as they are the ones that hold up our beloved blooms. That being said, their role is not only limited to support — there are ways that you can decorate with floral stems to create a stunning display for your home.

Stems and artificial flower arrangement

The video above is an excellent start to knowing how best to prop up your faux florals, but there are also a variety of ways you can play around them in order to make even the barest of arrangements into an impressive statement. Here are a few:


Ribbons have long been a mainstay of any floral arrangement, whether they come in bouquets or vases. The secret to creating a splash of color is to choose the correct ribbon to pair with your blooms, allowing for a vibrant display that attracts attention. You can go for complementing or contrasting colors for the ribbons. Tie them around your stems, or even slightly below the flower heads, in order to draw the eyes to the color schemes.

Vines, twigs, and wood backing

Other faux greenery can also help your floral centerpieces stand out. Adding decor such as wood and small blooms can fill in the gaps of your arrangement, to create a fuller display. Here are more floral arrangements that you can take inspiration from:

And here is another one, featuring dahlias:

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