Earlier today, I posted about the launch of our exciting new campaign, Balsam Hill’s Countdown to Christmas. I invite you to join me and 23 very talented bloggers in this special holiday blog hop as we mark the days leading to Christmas with photos of our Balsam Hill advent calendars and some personal thoughts on what Christmas means to us.
Balsam Hill Countdown to Christmas

“Christmas is…”

For me, Christmas is a time to celebrate community and family, and the birth of the Savior of the world. Without Him, we would be at a loss as to how to show love to one another, and how to show love to our family. The simplicity of Christmas strikes me as well. No matter how much bling, how many gadgets, or how much food we have surrounding us, the simple truth is that the Creator wanted to know us so much, that He became one of us and lived with us.

Balsam Hill's Nativity Advent Calendar serves as a reminder of the reason for the season
Balsam Hill’s Nativity Advent Calendar serves as a reminder of the reason for the season

Whenever Christmas is mentioned, we also think of it being the season of giving. It reminds us that we have to think beyond ourselves and all the wants, desires, and superficial things that we think we need to have. This shift in focus does wonders in letting us to look at those in need – people who are suffering, or just frustrated with the circumstances that they find themselves in.

After addressing those in pain, we are directed to thankfulness, which is timely with Thanksgiving preceding Christmas. It puts to mind the question, “Who do we thank for all that we have?” God, loved ones, and our employers are great places to start. And when the pattern of gratitude is established, it becomes a pleasant desire to replicate again and again.

Our Traditions

This year marks a shift in my family, as two of my four girls are married and have their own families. We will all be together this Christmas, including our grandsons, and I can’t wait to celebrate the season with them. We have simplified our celebrations this year with drawing names, and renting a vacation home so we can experience some beautiful outdoors and hiking.

Two years ago, we started a fun tradition where we prepare a gag gift, and draw names for it. It’s a wonderful way to create happy memories to associate with this time of year, and it is always pleasant to look back on it in the months after.

Our Advent Calendar

In looking at my Nativity Advent calendar, I was wondering how to use it this year. Inspiration struck and I came up with a meaningful way to transition Thanksgiving (a time for gratitude) into Christmas (the season of giving).

The Nativity calendar serves as a good reminder of the reason for the season
The Nativity calendar serves as a good reminder of the reason for the season

My husband and I, along with my two daughters, have written on gift tags the blessings that we are thankful for. Each day before a meal, we can take those tags out, and see them as a gift and a reminder of what we should be thankful for. This way, we can still feel the festive spirit and anticipation of the season, while being reminded of the true meaning of Christmas.

Simply put, Christmas is a time when we will again give thanks, for the baby who came in the fullness of time so long ago.

From my family to yours, happy holidays! Please do visit over the next few weeks for more updates on Balsam Hill’s Countdown to Christmas campaign.

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