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Set Your Store Apart with Balsam Hill Commercial Christmas Trees and Decorations

Enchant your customers with the beauty of Balsam Hill commercial Christmas trees and décor from the moment they enter your store.

Looking for holiday décor that sets your store apart? Balsam Hill offers the widest selection of luxurious commercial Christmas trees and matching décor to create a look of elegance for your brand. With the resplendence of our holiday masterpieces, your store will be imbued with the spirit of the holidays, inspiring customers as they celebrate the season.

Renowned for exquisite products, industry-leading warranties, and stellar customer service, Balsam Hill shares in your commitment to providing customers with the ultimate holiday experience.

The Industry Leader

Highest Quality, Most Realistic & Beautiful Artificial Christmas Trees

Capture the imagination of your customers with the intricate detailing of our artificial Christmas trees. With True Needle® Technology developed and offered exclusively by Balsam Hill, our Christmas trees flawlessly mimic those found in nature. The incredibly realistic needles and branch tips are handcrafted to match the subtle nuances in color, texture, and shape of your favorite natural evergreens.

Balsam Hill takes the breathtaking beauty of the outdoors as a starting point and recreates the magnificence right in your store. Customers will marvel at the classic elegance of your Balsam Hill Christmas tree, while you benefit from the craftsmanship and durability of this masterpiece for years to come.

Widest Selection of Shapes & Sizes for Commercial Christmas Trees

Bring to life your store’s entryways and window displays with the authentic feel of your Balsam Hill Christmas tree. Draw eyes with a stunning 18 feet Christmas tree in your store’s lobby, or liven up corners with trees as small as 4 feet.

Balsam Hill provides you with the most diverse assortment of Christmas trees to fit your needs.

Tight on space?

Slim Christmas trees are designed for smaller areas and are perfect for decorating entryways, foyers, and corners.

Prefer potted?

Balsam Hill’s topiary trees feature an ornamental potted style, perfect for use both indoors and outdoors.

Multiple locations?

Our collection of Pre-Fluffed® Christmas trees features unique memory wire branches that automatically fan out into place during setup, creating a consistent look across multiple store locations.


Commercial Christmas Decorations: Matching Wreaths & Garlands

Balsam Hill also offers an exquisite line of matching Christmas wreaths and garlands. They feature the same type of foliage found in our Christmas trees, helping you easily extend the look throughout indoor and outdoor spaces. For a more festive tone, we also offer pre-decorated wreaths and garlands.


Investing in a Masterpiece

Industry-Leading Warranty

With the excellent craftsmanship of our commercial Christmas decorations, you can expect their beauty to endure. Balsam Hill gives you an industry-leading warranty to guarantee excellence for years to come.

Because of its superb quality, your Balsam Hill Christmas tree will last for decades. Investing in our artificial trees will save you significant time, money, and hassle. We take great pride in the craftsmanship of our products, and we stand behind their quality. All non-clearance trees are backed by our 3-year warranty.

For more warranty information, please visit our Warranty FAQS.

Hassle-Free Setup

Easy Plug®

Our exclusive Easy Plug system incorporates light connections in the trunk. Lighting your tree is as easy as plugging it into a wall socket.


Flip Tree®

Enjoy effortless assembly and storage with our exclusive Flip Tree design. No heavy lifting required. Just roll the tree base into place, flip it, and attach the treetop. Includes Easy Plug.


Simple String®

Easily add custom lights to your Christmas tree with our Simple String technology. Just plug in compatible light strings of your choice to the center pole sockets—no extension cords needed. The best part is that the lights stay in place so you won’t have to string them again each year. Simple String is available on several unlit models.


Pre-Fluffed® Instant Evergreen

Reduce time fluffing your tree with our Pre-Fluffed Christmas trees. These trees feature professionally-shaped memory wire branches that adjust into place upon unboxing. Includes Easy Plug.


Effortless Assembly & Storage

Balsam Hill offers you the convenience of easy assembly, disassembly, and storage. Our commercial Christmas trees come carefully packaged with storage bags to ensure a quick and easy setup. Pre-wired lighting and clearly labeled sections allow you to mount your showpiece and create that perfect holiday mood in minutes.

No-Hassle Clean-Up

Enjoy a holiday season free of watering trees or sweeping up fallen needles. Balsam Hill artificial trees make setup and cleanup a breeze without sacrificing the look and feel of live Christmas trees.

Featured: Rolling storage bag that comes with every Balsam Hill Flip Tree purchase (Left) and Rolling Christmas Tree Storage Bag (Right)

During the off-season, our durable storage bags help you maintain your tree’s condition. Simply dismantle the tree, place it in the bag, and you are ready for the following year. Upgrade to the wheeled bag shown here for even more convenience.


Ecological Benefits

Inspire customers to make a difference by your choice of environmentally responsible products. By selecting a Balsam Hill Christmas tree, you will be showing support for green initiatives. According to the American Christmas Tree Association, artificial Christmas trees used over many years have a smaller impact on the environment than live trees from Christmas tree farms.

Enchant the Senses with Commercial Christmas Lights

Extensive Lighting Options

Set your holidays aglow with the brilliance of pre-lit artificial Christmas trees. Balsam Hill offers a variety of lighting options for our wide selection of exceptionally lifelike Christmas trees that complement any theme or style.


Innovative Technology

Let your holiday display shine with pre-lit commercial Christmas trees. UL Listed lights are professionally hand-strung to reduce the appearance of wires. Most of our artificial Christmas trees with lights are powered by our exclusive Easy Plug® technology, which automatically connects light strings within the tree trunk. All you need is the single plug that goes into the wall to light up your tree.

Beautifully Brilliant

Our artificial Christmas trees feature a wide range of commercial Christmas light options that will fit right into your holiday celebrations. Keep it simple and classic with the timeless look of traditional incandescent lights, or add extra cheer and warmth to your display with energy-efficient LED lights. Can’t quite decide between clear and multicolored lights? Our Color+Clear® Technology gives you 40% more lights for extra brightness and allows you to switch from clear to multicolored to both with just the touch of a button.

Merry and Bright

Light up your holidays exactly the way you want it with our pre-lit artificial Christmas trees that let you control the effects, colors, and speed of each light bulb. Our newest Commercial Christmas lighting technology features Fiber Optic LED Christmas tree lights with 23 pre-set light shows to choose from. Delight your customers with a spectacular display by choosing different modes or cycling through all of them for a truly festive display.

In addition, our new Twinkly® pre-lit artificial Christmas trees allow you to map out and customize your lights from your mobile device. Express your creativity with each light bulb and surprise your customers with your stunning Christmas light exhibition this season.


Scented Accessories

Greet customers with the scent of a fresh-cut Christmas tree without triggering allergy symptoms. Balsam Hill offers a variety of Scents of the Season fragrance machines to invigorate your store with the smell of nature.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Personalized Service that Caters to Your Needs

Our expertly trained business sales team is ready to help. Whether you are selecting commercial Christmas trees or holiday décor to match a brand, geography, space, or budget, Balsam Hill will be with you every step of the way.

To learn more about our wide selection of Commercial Christmas trees, please visit us at

For a hands-on look at our best-selling trees,  we offer an exclusive Branch Sample Kit containing authentic samples of our various branch tips. To request a Branch Sample Kit or pursue a partnership with Balsam Hill, please contact us by email at or call our business sales line at 1-877-44-BALSAM (1-877-442-2572).

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