The Christmas tree is the centerpiece of all holiday decorations. It is the focal point of the celebration and the item the entire family is looking forward to see. Because of its importance, homeowners must provide extra time and attention during assembly.

Centennial Fir Instant Evergreen™ Tree

Here is Balsam Hill’s tried and tested guide to choosing the right location, assembly, fluffing and flocking.

Selecting the Perfect Location

Choosing the right location for your tree requires a good eye for details. Below are some pieces of advice that will help you find the perfect spot for your elegant tree.

Make it your home’s main attraction

Christmas trees are always in the center of family gatherings, and children just love to gather around it for a storytelling session. In fact, a house with a hidden tree at this time of the year is unheard of. Your tree is your home’s centerpiece, so consider a location where everybody can see and admire it.

Secure your tree near a wall outlet

Position your evergreen near an electrical outlet so you can easily plug your lights. Lights are essential since they accentuate the beauty of your lush foliage and highlight the fine details of your holiday ornaments. By doing this, you won’t have to worry about any extension cords ruining your theme or causing any accidents.

Consider the traffic flow in your room

Make sure that the space designated for your tree does not block the natural path that people take. This will prevent accidents involving household members or guests. Aside from preventing harm, choosing a location far from the walkway will keep your tree and ornaments safe from damage.

Keep it away from the fireplace

The sight of a beautiful tree near the fireplace, which TV commercials love to play up, may bring forth a cozy feeling. This must not be imitated, though, because placing a tree near the fireplace, or any heat source for that matter, is a fire hazard. Moreover, it can cause irreparable damage to your foliage, rendering your tree unappealing and eventually useless.

Complement your furniture

The arrangement of your furniture should also be taken into consideration. There might be a need to move some of the pieces, or you can drape them with ornaments in Christmas hues like red and green, to make them blend with your holiday decor. Either way, your tree’s lush pre-lit branches, when matched with your exquisite furniture, will offer a sight of pure elegance.

General Tree Setup Tips

Before going into the step-by-step processes involved in tree setup, fluffing, and flocking, it is important to remember a few practical tips that will help you assemble a beautiful Christmas tree.

Keep the entire process organized—starting from the unboxing.

Unbox your artificial Christmas tree near the location where you intend to set it up. Take note of all parts and accessories you take out from the box to avoid losing them.

Pay attention to the tree stand.

Although not directly a design element, the stand is the very foundation of a Christmas tree. Make sure that the stand is secure to avoid the risk of the tree toppling over. For fold-up stands, check to see that it is folded out properly and does not wobble. For two-piece stands, make sure that both parts are firmly set in place.

Take your time.

Patience is key. Assemble each section carefully and lubricate pole ends if necessary. Make sure that thumbscrews are tightened and all loose parts are secured.

Assembling the Tree

Many artificial Christmas trees come with hinged branches that are pre-attached to the center pole. Hinged branches make setup easier since they no longer require you to attach individual branches to the trunk. Most trees of this type come in four parts: the base or tree stand, the tree’s bottom section, a middle section, and the treetop. To set up a standard tree with hinged branches, follow these steps:

1. Prepare the base. Most tree bases fold out into an “X,” which makes up four legs. Check to ensure that the stand is stable.

2. Insert the bottom section of the tree and open up the hinged branches. Make sure all the screws are secure and that all of the parts are locked into place.

3. Test the lights to see if they are connected properly and distributed evenly. Arranging and fluffing up the branches is also a good idea at this point.

Woman inserting middle section of tree

4. Insert the middle section of the tree and open up its branches. Survey to see if it is locked into place and that the lights are connected to the ones on the bottom section. Test the lights and fluff the branches before proceeding to the next step. Work your way up, beginning from the bottom of the tree.

Woman inserting treetop

5. Finally, fit in the treetop, making sure that its lights are connected to the ones on the middle section. Finish by manually shaping and fluffing the branches, working your way up from the bottom of the tree.

Designed for quick and easy setup, our Instant Evergreen™ trees feature Easy Plug™ technology. These trees have lights carefully connected within the center pole. This means that you’ll have to handle only one plug, the one you connect directly into the wall socket. At the same time, Instant Evergreen™ trees come with “memory wire” in the branches. These allow the tree’s branches to automatically fan out during setup, making manual shaping a thing of the past. Check out our previous post for more information on Instant Evergreen™ trees.

Fluffing the Tree

Once you are done with the setup, it’s time to expose the lovely nature of your tree’s foliage through fluffing. Storage and new trees typically have flat branches. Of course, this is done to protect the needles and to limit the space used. Fluffing, or shaping, fans out the branches, creating a lush showcase that captures the captivating evergreens found in mountaintops all over the world. Follow these steps to shape your Christmas centerpiece like a professional:

1. Wear gloves to protect your hands and to allow them to glide smoothly in between the branches.

2. Carefully separate individual tips so they fan out from the trunk. Start with the inner branches, working outward to the tips. Work your way up, starting from the bottom of the tree.

3. Ensure that offshoots are angled differently to give the tree a dense appearance. Don’t be afraid to bend the branches according to your desired shape.

4. Focus on each section, ensuring that they are fluffed accordingly before moving to the next one.

5. After fluffing the top and final section, give your tree a once-over to check for gaps in the branches. Scrutinize the tree carefully and make final branch adjustments if necessary.

Flocking the Tree

Close-up of BH Frosted Fraser Fir™ Narrow Christmas Tree
A flocked tree, like the BH Frosted Fraser Fir™ Narrow Christmas Tree, exudes a wintry atmosphere.

Flocking is an excellent way to make your tree look as if fresh powder snow had just landed on its branches. Of course, the simplest course is to buy an already flocked tree. However, you can give any tree that snow-capped look by using items you can find around your home. Click here to see how you can use soap shavings and shaving cream as artificial snow for your artificial Christmas tree.

Going through all of these processes will guarantee an exquisite and magnificent display that will fill your home with holiday elegance. Make sure to stay tuned to Balsam Hill for more Christmas tree decorating ideas and yuletide inspiration.

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