Inspired by the enduring beauty of the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina, Balsam Hill’s latest line of Christmas décor lets you deck the halls in timeless elegance. Watch the video to learn how Biltmore’s vision was translated into holiday décor you can enjoy in your home.

The Vanderbilt home was first opened to guests on Christmas Eve of 1895. Today, Biltmore continues the family’s tradition of gracious hospitality and passion for Christmas. Every room in the house is lavishly decorated as the season approaches each year.

We invited a few of our friends to stay at The Inn on Biltmore Estate to showcase their creativity and style by decorating Balsam Hill trees with the new Biltmore collection. Here are four Christmas tree looks to inspire you as you decorate your own.

Courtney of French Country Cottage

“Group ornaments in twos or threes to create a bit more impact than one all by itself”

Courtney was inspired by the inn’s charm and the beauty of its surrounding mountains and countryside. She chose a monochromatic gold color palette to highlight the intricate details of the ornaments. She kept the look simple yet elegant, sticking to the tree’s natural silhouette. When decorating, Courtney says it’s a good idea to look for details that strike you then build a design around them.

Robin of All Things Heart and Home

Balsam Hill Holiday Ribbons
You can do so many things with this exquisite gold and champagne ribbon.

“Use two complementing colors or a single color for more effect.”

Robin’s goal was to evoke a magical feeling. She used the burgundy and gold ornaments to add subtle elegance to the tree. Her favorite part was fluffing the branches to give it fullness and shape. The tree was topped off with a striking arrangement of magnolia picks and finials, which Robin had fallen in love with. She adds that a show-stopping ribbon would make a great tree topper alternative.

Christy and Amy of 11 Magnolia Lane

“Focus on one particular element like a ribbon, a feather, or an ornament, then use them throughout the tree.”

For Christy and Amy, enjoying the decorating process itself is important. They found that decorating was easy with the thoughtful designs, attention to detail, and quality of the collection. The Biltmore Spruce’s realism and ease of set-up is a great example. They chose an all-gold theme from the ornaments to the ribbon and the bouquet of acanthus picks they used to top the tree.

Shelby of Pretty in the Pines

“Begin with richly textured neutrals and add in pops of color.”

Shelby used the contrasts of color as the main component to her design. She mixed burgundy ornaments with gold and white ones. She then added texture with a gilded ribbon cascading from floral picks set on top of the tree. Shelby advises not to get caught up with rules and to be open to trying new things. Her tip: “There are so many ways to use ribbon, top the tree, and even hang ornaments, so you shouldn’t feel confined to one specific look. If it doesn’t look right, you can always change it!”

Visit our site for the complete Biltmore collection and share how you’ve styled them in the comments!

Video transcription

Lizzie Borchers: There’s a lot of things that you think of when you think of Biltmore Estate. The lifestyle, the luxury and I think those are the same things that anyone thinks of when you think of Balsam Hill. They’re really that same top tier quality.

Joslyn Kelly: We’re bringing in more like a natural look with the Balsam. It’s also bringing a kind of modern flair that I think is with the times, so we’re encompassing both the history as well as what our guests would like to see which is both how the Vanderbilts enjoyed the estate and then how we can enjoy it today as well.

Kyla Dana: The quality of Balsam Hill products and the quality of Biltmore and bringing those two things together and people can bring that quality home is a great thing.

Mary Quirk: The thought of having a company that can customize things for us, that can help us to capture what we’re trying to portray, I think it seems like a dream come true.

Lizzie: I love about this partnership that we’re able to share with the guests who come to this house just a little bit of what it is that we do. The guests get so excited about the floral that they see, the trees that they see, and oftentimes they’re asking us, “Where can we get that? Where can we have that for ourselves?” I think that this really gives our guests an opportunity to have at home what they see here.

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