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6 Christmas Tree Base Ideas: Stands & Collars for a Polished Look

A fully decorated Christmas tree is a sight to behold—a tree topper perched up high, ornaments, picks, and ribbons of different shapes and colors, and enchanting lights. However, an often overlooked detail in tree decorating is the tree base, which can be spruced up with a tree stand, tree collar, or even a basket!

Photo by Unskinny Boppy
Photo Courtesy of Unskinny Boppy

These three options are often confused for each other, but each adds something a bit different. Stands are the essential element that provides a stable base upon which the entire weight of the Christmas tree rests. However, these are often simple metallic or plastic structures designed purely for functionality, and can take away from the romantic “realness” of a Christmas tree. This is where a tree collar or basket comes in. Check out these festive tree base ideas that our designers have come up with!

Surround the Base with a Collar

Woven Tree Collar
A woven tree collar imparts a natural touch to your tree

Tree collars are often shaped as conical cylinders with the purpose of concealing the tripod base of the Christmas tree. They are most commonly made of natural materials such as metal, wood, willow fibers, cattails or jute. Installation is easy, too—tree collars have a slit opening on one side and often a hinged design that you can open to slip around tree stands.

Upgrade the Tree Base with a Tree Stand

Photo courtesy of Finding Home
This tree has a more stable and beautiful base because of its tree stand (Photo Courtesy of Finding Home)

Unlike tree collars, tree stands do not conceal the tree’s metallic legs but replace them with something more stylish and stable. The tree stand’s top surface sports an opening where an artificial Christmas tree “trunk” will fit into snugly.

Wooden Rolling Tree Stand
This wooden rolling tree stand looks like a rustic crate and has roller bearings on the bottom for easy maneuvering

Like the tree collar, tree stands are made from various types of materials, though they require more rigid structures to hold the weight of an entire tree. Tree stands are often weighted on the bottom for stability, while some include eyelets and rolling wheels or bearings as added features.

Oak Barrel Tree Stand
Wine lovers will love this oak barrel-inspired tree stand
Corinthian Wooden Tree Stand
An ornate Corinthian wooden tree stand

Keep in mind that you can mix and match tree stands and collars with the overall theme of your Christmas tree décor. For example, a woven tree collar would suit a French country cottage style, woodland accents, or ribbons made from natural fibers like jute and burlap. A metal tree stand would blend in well with modern and sleek decorations like the Georgetown ornament set.

Beyond their functional purpose, tree stands and collars are elements to consider for style and design. Alternately, a tree skirt can also be a nice touch that lets you coordinate colors and patterns with your other Christmas decorations without completely covering the base of the tree. These functional yet beautiful Christmas tree accessories are just some items to consider for your holiday decorating this year. For more Christmas tree ideas and designing tips, visit Balsam Hill!


  1. So with a 7 1/2 foot 49″ wide would the wine barrel stand and or the rustic box look aesthetically correct ? What size are the trees pictures with the stands ?

    • BalsamHill Reply

      Hi Cindy! Thanks for your interest in our tree stands! The Wine Barrel Rolling Tree Stand is 19.5″ wide, and the Rustic Wooden Rolling Tree Stand is 17.5″ wide – so both are substantial enough to provide good support for your tree, while leaving ample room for presents to be displayed around them. Both tree stands can accommodate trees with poles up to 2 inches in diameter. As for the photos, the trees featured are in the 6.5 to 7.5-foot range.

      • Sandy Porter Reply

        Is there any way to simply get a replacement stand identical to the one the tree came with?

        • BalsamHill Reply

          Hi, Sandy! Yes, you can get a tree stand that is identical to what the tree came with. You can contact our Customer Loyalty Specialists so they can assist you in getting a stand suited to your tree. You can send them a message at or call them toll-free: 888-55-BALSAM (888-552-2572). Thank you for your query!

  2. Hi – I have the rolling barrel from several years ago that I bought fir my 7-1/2 ft tree – I now have a 9’ tree – can I still use the original barrel with the 9 ft tree ?

    • Balsam Hill Reply

      Thank you for reaching out to Balsam Hill, Joann. For us to properly assist you with your concern, please send us an email at so we can pull up the order details for the tree and the rolling barrel to see if they would be compatible.

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