Balsam Hill celebrates its 2nd annual Countdown to Christmas, where 13 of our blogger friends share their favorite Christmas memory along with their decorated homes this season.

2nd annual Countdown to Christmas

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  1. Yvonne Almaguer Reply

    All of the bloggers have some amazing designs and I look forward to attempting some of the looks. Thank you for sharing.

  2. My Favorite Christmas Memory was in 1971 I was 16 Years Old just newly Married to a G.I. in the Army stationed at Stewart Army air Base in Savannah Georgia, my Brother who is One Year older than me was also newly Enlisted with the Army and Stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina! We were all so broke that year, we could not afford anything, On Christmas Day my Brother Showed up on my Door Step, I did not know he was coming, and he told me he Hitched Hiked all the way from Fort Bragg to wish me a Merry Christmas, he had used what little money he had to buy me an electric can opener! I was so Excited to see him but embarrassed because all we had to eat was T.V. Dinners! I love my Brother so much, and always will! He had to Hitch Hike all the way back to his Base!

  3. Sarah Taylor Reply

    would love to win I have entered all The Balsam Hill giveaways so hope to win!

  4. Rija Ranch Reply

    My favorite Christmas memory from my childhood was when we were going to pick up a Christmas tree and decorating it with my sister !

  5. Fred Holmes Reply

    Spent the Christmas in the North and enjoyed the snow and all the activities that go with it.

  6. Nicky Marie Reply

    Hmmm favorite Christmas memory..I remember as a child one Christmas waking up from a terrible burning smell and the house was filled with smoke..I woke up my older sister and we ran throught the house all the windows and doors were open..(my mom worked nights so we weren’t sure if she was home yet or not) we found her frantically trying to rid the house of was really late..she got home from work and was cooking a turkey for Christmas ..a little hole got in bottom of pan and the juices were causing the smoke.. my sister and I got a huge blanket and hung out on a lazy boy chair with the blanket over us all night..while sneaking presents under the blanket to peak sister and I always peeked at all the presents..we were pros lol..we would open them all then rewrap mom never found out! But it made Christmas not as exciting knowing what every single present was..that’s also how i realized santa didn’t exist!! lol so my kids used to want to Peale so bad and I tell them that story (not about the santa not existing part of course) and how it just ruined Christmas not having any surprises! That has kept my kids from peeking at presents i can leave a bag of gifts on the couch and they won’t go near it!

  7. shannon fowler Reply

    My favorite christmas memory was when I was around five, and we went to christmas eve service. Afterward we went to my grandmother’s house. She had gotten me an american girl doll. The best part of the night was all the work she put into decorating the house.

  8. Candace Estelle Reply

    not sure where the question is but we love decorating for holidays, christmas being our favorite

  9. Tiffanynichole89 Reply

    My favorite Christmas memory is waking up early to open presents.

  10. onyiakpanisi Reply

    I don’t even have a favorite Christmas memory. Growing up Christmas was just like any other day in our family. Nothing to celebrate. I missed a lot.

  11. Felina Jo Pence Reply

    I love the memory, of watching the snow fall on Christmas eve, with me grandfather.

  12. Tomekia Walker Reply

    I love seeing people happy because Christmas is approaching. My best memory of Christmas is receiving Barbie doll every Christmas as a young child.

  13. Jennifer Essad Reply

    My favorite memories of our Christmases past are the ones when we would go to Ohio for my dad’s family reunions. Back in the 60’s our family was so big that we had to rent a hall in town. Our great great grandpa would sit in a chair and all of us cousins would sit around him while he told us stories. The sudden voice of Santa saying Merry Christmas and were all so excited

  14. Saundra Bowers Reply

    My favorite Christmas memory is when I was about 8 yrs old and my Aunt and Uncle had a store in downtown from where we lived and Uncle Fazendin dressed up as Santa and came to our house with toy and my cousin was an elf. He swore it wasn`t him, but a few days later at the store I saw the suit.

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  16. Saundra Bowers Reply

    My favorite Christmas memory is when I was about 8 yrs old and my Aunt and Uncle had a store in downtown from where we lived and Uncle Fazendin dressed up as Santa and came to our house with toys and my cousin was an elf. He swore it wasn`t him, but a few days later at the store I saw the suit.

  17. Samantha Gittins Reply

    Thank you for this opportunity. We don’t have a tree this year we just moved but next year will be so much more festive! Good luck everyone!
    Favorite memory is the first time we made popcorn garland we do it every year and hung some on our mantle of our new home. 🙂

  18. happy Holidays, I think I posted in the wrong spot, I’m sorry. I hope you see my post.

  19. My favorite Christmas memory is waiting upstairs with my siblings until we were allowed to open presents.

  20. Crystal Smith Reply

    Your trees are so beautiful and I would love to have one

  21. Sandy Bonesteel Reply

    Christmas is so special when there are children in the home. My son is grown now, so there are no small children in our home. But having grandchildren has once again made Christmas time a very special time for me.

  22. Sandy Bonesteel Reply

    My favorite Christmas memory is the year that my nephew’s grandfather, Victor (who was extremely ill) made a special appearance as Santa Claus at our home for my son. The plan was for us to have our son in the living room at a specified time and at that time Victor would open the front door and leave a present for our son under the tree. My son’s face lit up when he saw Santa Claus bring this present for him. Victor passed away not long after that. For him to do such a wonderful thing for my son, when he was so ill, still brings tears to my eyes.

  23. My favorite Christmas memory is waiting at the top of the stairs Christmas morning with my brothers for my parents to wake up so we could open presents!

  24. Sonya Neely Blanton Reply

    Every year on Christmas Eve, me and my children all get new Christmas pjs! It’s a tradition I started when my oldest son was a baby and they love it!! Also, on Christmas Day, we like to make Jesus a birthday cake and have a birthday party for him!!! ❤

  25. Dana Rodriguez Reply

    Nice giveaway! My favorite memory was the whole family decorated the tree when I was a child.

  26. Stephanie Daniel Ferrell Reply

    Balsam Hill has the most beautiful greenery for the holidays!

  27. My favorite Christmas memory is of the sleepovers we had when I was a kid in the week leading up to Christmas, when at times we would have 15 kids or so – mostly extended family and cousins – in sleeping bags in the greatroom, playing games, baking cookies, and really enjoying the family holiday spirit.

  28. Happy Holidays!
    The flower boarders are beautiful for the season. Great touch.

  29. My favorite memory is when I was 5 or 6 and we were at a pre-cut tree lot picking out our tree. A tree seemingly fell on me out of nowhere and because I wasn’t hurt my parents joked that the tree must have picked me and we had to take it home. I even named that tree. My dad sent me a postcard from the tree farm after the new year, it was round cut off the bottom with a note from my tree written on it. Sweetest thing my dad’s ever done and I totally believed my tree had mailed me a note!

  30. BalsamHill Reply

    Thank you so much to everyone who has commented. We love reading about your favorite Christmas memories. Please be reminded that you must comment (and accomplish other actions) via the official Gleam app above, to earn the additional entries for the giveaway. Thank you and good luck!

  31. Robert Tschinkel Reply

    my favorite Christmas memory is when I received a puppy for Christmas when I was 5 yrs old

  32. karaleigh2 Reply

    My favorite memory is the 4 of us girls waiting at the top of the stairs waiting to run down the stairs to see what Santa brought.

  33. Mine is when i got a plastic ski with pole in the 1970’s. That was a great and fun christmas i had.

  34. Jeremy Jorgensen Reply

    Mine was my daughters 3rd Christmas when she was old enough to open presents on her own. I bought her so many things I wanted when I was her age that after so many presents she just got bored and gave up.

  35. Mrs. Potts Reply

    Favorite Christmas memory — We had a Christmas back in the 80s that was looking pretty slim. In a month’s time, food and gifts were given to us like never before even though we never mentioned our lack to anyone.

  36. Darla Peduzzi Reply

    My favorite Christmas memory is helping my mom bake cookies for our traditional family Christmas Eve get together.

  37. nicholesmith Reply

    My favorite Christmas memories are still being made. I love watching the magic of Christmas come alive thru my childrens eyes. My favorite part is when we put up all the decorations and it’s starts to feel like holidays or when we’re all in the kitchen baking cookies.

  38. My favorite memory is going downstairs and seeing bikes for all of us!

  39. Definitely the year my Husband returned from Iraq and surprised me.

  40. Every Christmas was special when I was a kid. Christmas tree was put up on Christmas Eve. All my moms Christmas decorations came out. It was so exciting to see the ornaments and everything else. My mom is 95 and I still have her Manger set. How awesome to still have it. Back then Christmas items didn’t come out in the stores till after Thanksgiving. It was a special magical time because we only saw these things for a short time.

  41. My favorite memory was the year we were able to travel across the country to have Christmas with my family. It was the last year my brother & grandma were alive.

  42. Richard Foreman Reply

    My favorite is watching my kids open their presents, of course.

  43. Ada Miller Reply

    My favorite Christmas memory was seeing the excitement when my boys received a trampoline & outdoor basketball goal among other things they was really wanting.

  44. Carol Roberts clark Reply

    remembering the time i put back a present and forgot about it and it was a big one how i forgot i dont have a clue and my son found it months later and i was like o my gosh but the day of christmas i put my john deer tractor for my son the kind you get in and ride in it in the shed and we opened all the presents had a snack and said lets go out side and i went to the shed and opened it and his eyes got so big and he said santa couldnt put it in the house look mama

  45. my favorite Christmas memory is when I got my puppy for Christmas when I was 15 yrs old

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  47. My favorite Christmas memory is when my entire family was together for Christmas eve and Christmas.

  48. Love your products!
    Thanks fir the opportunity for a giveaway”

  49. Brigitte W Reply

    My favorite Christmas memory is of the last Christmas my entire family was able to spend together ~ those were the good old days and always so much fun being together!

  50. AyanaPendergrass Reply

    Favorite memory is getting a dog for christmas! I had been wanting one since I was a kid

  51. Cindy Chouinard-Mick Reply

    My favorite is watching my little one’s open their presents, thank you for the great prizes and the chance to win!

  52. Leslie Is SobeSavvy Reply

    Favorite memory would be when my mom made me use my thinking cap to hunt for my gifts. In my stocking was clue number 1 which started then fun. Each clue was a poem which led me to the next gift and the next gift, etc. Just very creative and so much fun. And even though we were in an apartment with a little ole artificial Charlie Brown tree..I appreciate the Christmas memory she made for me.

  53. One favorite was when we went to the Cathedral of Learning in Pittsburgh and toured the Nationality Rooms. They are decorated in the style of each country and they tell how Christmas is celebrated there. It made me feel so connected to the whole world.

  54. New Millenia Reply

    Staying up all night because I couldn’t sleep until morning!

  55. Watching my son’s eyes light up when he opens his presents. Thanks for the chance!

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  57. BalsamHill Reply

    Hello Trixxie, we’re sorry to hear about this setback with your recent purchase with us. Balsam Hill is dedicated to provide the best quality products and we want you to be delighted with your tree. Please send us your Order ID to so we can sort this out as quickly as possible. We look forward to your response. Thanks!

  58. My favorite memory is going to my grandpa’s farm for Christmas.

  59. Tracy Suzanne DeLoach Reply

    My favorite Christmas memories were having a Christmas party with our family every Christmas eve and exchanging gifts. Then hurrying home before midnight excited about Santa Claus coming.

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  61. My favorite christmas memory is of my grandmother cooking a big dinner every year.

  62. My favorite Christmas memory is receiving my sweet toy poodle Coco! She is my baby!

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  64. my favorite Christmas memory is when after opening up all of our gifts my mom said oh my gosh kids…look santa left another box in the kitchen of presents he forgot to bring in. It was almost like double the christmas morning fun. Think mom and dad forgot all about those ones until last minute lol

  65. my son ( when he was 3 ) he got more excited over his socks then he did the was almost like it was the first time he had ever had socks lol

  66. Gwendolyn Ford Reply

    Our family together enjoying each other and having a tasty meal.

  67. Marsha Gentry Reply

    I love your trees; they are so real looking, and just beautiful. My favorite memories are cooking with my grandmother, before Christmas.

  68. Rebecca Kerchner-Love Reply

    My favorite Christmas memory is the first time I decorated a Christmas tree with my kids

  69. April D Williams Reply

    When I was a little girl I used to go to my Grandmas house for Christmas vacation. I loved watching her make all her wonderful goodies. She was always so patient with explaining the how’s and whys of cooking. She passed March 9 2015 and I miss her dearly

  70. Monica North Reply

    Christmas of 1998. All 5 of Dad’s children came here for Christmas. He was dying of Lung Cancer and everyone wanted to be here for him. He had a great Christmas, he died Feb. 1999. I still remember his expressions as each & everyone came through the door….. PRICELESS!!!! <3 <3 <3 & Miss my Dad!

  71. Trina Snow Reply

    My favorite Christmas Memory was the year I wanted an Annie Oakley cowgirl outfit, I waited for Santa the night before Christmas so excited I could I had a hard time sleeping, the next morning when we(all eight of us children) opened our gifts I had my Annie Oakley outfit I started to cry with joy, Iran to my bedroom to change and that is when my mom noticed I was covered in red spots mom made me change back into pj’s I had the measles. My most memorable Christmas!

  72. Sara L Mitchell Reply

    Listening to Christmas records and decorating the whole house with the whole family.

  73. Carrie Lancon Reply

    My favorite Christmas memory was falling asleep in front of the Christmas tree watching the lights twinkle and imagining that there were little fairies flying around decorating it.

  74. Sierra Kuehner Reply

    My mom me and my sister and brother all putting up decorations and eating Chris as cookies while decorating the tree!! We had so much fun and we all used to laugh and tell jokes and try and embarrass the other sibling in front of the g/f or b/f they had at the time haha!# I MISS THOSE DAYS before mom got sick with cancer my brother moved far far away and my sister became depressed and anti social.

  75. Kristine Richardson Reply

    My favorite Christmas memory was with my father. We had spent it at the hospital and it was his last Christmas. Though he passed on Dec.17th. I did manage to get him his one and only present request which was a cd that played Christmas music. I would play it for him over and over as he would go in and out of sleep. I could tell it brought a lot of peace and relaxation to him. I’m glad I was able to do that for him, because I know I had given him a big headache as a teenager. I miss him so much. The moment he passed it started to snow. Everytime it snows I think of him. While it sometimes makes me sad, I know he isn’t suffering anymore. I’m thankful for all who is in my life now. Cherish them all like it’s their last. Not just the holidays, but everyday.

  76. Patti LeBlanc Reply

    My fav Christmas memory would have to be our daughter’s first Christmas. Everything seems merrier and brighter when there is a new babe at home.

  77. Natasha Dickinson-medford Reply

    my favorite christmas memory was when my daughter was 4 and she opened her gift from santa and she had a mean look on her face it was cute but she loved her other gifts just the look on her face ill never forget

  78. Stefanie Bishop Reply

    My favorite is my now husband proposing to me 14 years ago!

  79. Diana Cote Reply

    My favorite Christmas memory was when I turned 13 and was able to spend Christmas with my parents. 🙂

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  81. Erin Walsh Reply

    I just loved coming down and seeing the tree all decorated and lit up with the presents under it when I was little.

  82. Lisa Coomer Queen Reply

    My favorite Christmas memory was packing up and going to spend it with my cousins.

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  85. My daughter just bought the slightly frosted tree I told her about on Courtney’s blog, French Country Farmhouse. It is stunning and we all love it.

  86. Verna Miller Reply

    The year my first son was born and we started our own family traditions!

  87. Cheryl Blackwell Reply

    One of my favorite Christmas memories was visiting my grandparents house on Christmas Eve. Back then television programs signed off early. There were no video games or a mass of toys to entertain the children. I was surrounded by my parents, grandparents, siblings, 7 aunts and uncles and their spouses, and 32 cousins . We enjoyed delicious food prepared by my grandmother, and each other’s company. I can still hear the Christmas Carols being sung by everyone at the table before we would head to church. It was the most beautiful celebration of love and family.

  88. Stacy Chubbuck Reply

    My favorite Christmas memory was caroling with members from church. We walked all over town to carol with our friends. It was magical! It saddens me to know that this is not common any longer

  89. Barbara Law Reply

    My favorite memory as a young girl, is when our school classroom went to the radio station to sing Christmas Carols, every year.

  90. One of my favorite Christmas memories is when my children were young and participated in the community Living Nativity put on by our church. When I was little, my mom would make chocolate peanut butter fudge–yum!

  91. We celebrated our 30th anniversary this year with a gift to ourselves, Balsam Hill’s nativity set.
    My husband made a manger scene out of leftover pallets, and decorated it with birch trunks and branches from our yard, and fir cast-offs from local Christmas tree stands. He had so much fun building it, and I had so much fun lighting it. Next year we hope to add more pieces.

  92. As a gift for our 30th anniversary, my husband and I treated ourselves to Balsam Hill’s nativity set. On a blizzardy Sunday afternoon, my husband built a crèche scene using up-cycled pallets and the trunk and branches from a birch tree we lost last year. He added cast-off fir branches that I scavenged from local Christmas tree stands
    And I lit it up so he can see it when he comes home from work every day.

    Hope to add more pieces next year!

  93. My favorite Christmas memory was waking up early with my brothers to see what Santa left us on Christmas morning.

  94. Carmen Garcia Reply

    It would have to be when my oldest was about 12 and he wanted a PlayStation. His younger brother and sister wanted a Nintendo and dad said we were only getting one. My oldest said it was all right if it made the younger ones happy. So I got a part time job and we bought him his PlayStation. We pulled a Christmas Story on him and hid it behind the tree. He was cleaning up all the wrappings when he found it. He was over the moon. I’ll never forget that look he gave us or the smile from ear the ear. He is in his late 20’s and still has it. I don’t know if it works but he’s kept it. I know it’s silly but one of my favorite memories.

  95. My favorite memory is drinking hot chocolate & playing Christmas music while we decorated our tree

  96. Michael Jones Reply

    when my brother wanted a bike and came downstairs christmas morning and santa hid the bikes in the kitchen, he was in tears.

  97. One of my favorite Christmas memories is when I was younger and we would go door to door and sing Christmas Carols.

  98. Shannon Goldschmidt Reply

    Making biscuits and homemade country sausage gravy for Christmas morning while singing along to Christmas songs. However, Christmas hasn’t been the same since mom passed away and this year is even harder. Not only is the 29th the anniversary of mom’s death, I wasn’t even able to afford to buy a Christmas present for my brother who means the world to me and is the most important person in my life. So I’ve been really down this Holiday season.

  99. I saw Rudolph in the sky one Christmas, as we were driving around looking at Christmas lights, just as the radio announced that Santa was arriving soon. It was so exciting for my 5 year old self I told my dad we had to go home NOW before he missed our house! 😉

  100. Angela Kern Reply

    My favorite memory is being allowed to open one gift Christmas Eve. It was a beautiful doll in a red dress. I loved that doll.

  101. Jennifer Q. Reply

    My favorite Christmas was the one when my son was born just a couple days prior to Christmas.

  102. Dan Lafferty Reply

    Waking up on Christmas Day when I was about 10 years old. Upon opening my presents, I peeked outside in the front yard to notice the Christmas Wish List, that I probably had re-written over about 50 times, laying in the yard. This completely freaked me out becuase I knew then that Santa Claus and looked it over and actually had it in his hands.
    He didn’t seem to eat the cookies and drink any milk…, I thought it was cool but, strange.

  103. kristenhendricks Reply

    My favorite Christmas memory is when my family members and I in addition to some of my other relatives would get together almost every year for Christmas at my grandmother’s house. We had such a good time celebrating the holiday together and eating my grandmother’s Christmas dinners, especially since she was such a great cook! Thanks for the fantastic opportunity to win!

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