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Balsam Hill's Ornament Storage Box
Balsam Hill’s Ornament Storage Box

When the holiday season ends and the Christmas tree is taken down, many are usually left with a pile of decorations that require storage for the next few months. While it’s easy to just stuff them all in boxes and leave them in the garage or attic, doing so can cause tangles and breakages that will make decorating for the next holiday season a chore. Besides, some décor pieces are passed down to younger generations and it is your responsibility to keep them intact and beautiful for the years to come. Here are a few tips you can try when storing your holiday décor:

Storage Space & Containers

Assess the storage space you have and take note of the area where the decorations will be placed. Whether it be the garage, basement, or attic, it’s important to be familiar with the conditions of the area and if there may be chances of the boxes falling or getting wet. Use this information as a guide when selecting the type of containers you need. While boxes are convenient and readily available, well-made plastic containers with a good sealed cover protect your Christmas decorations from temperature changes throughout the year. Ensure you have prepared enough storage space since you don’t want to tightly pack ornaments and lights together. Balsam Hill has a wide variety of ornament and tree storage items that will make storing your Christmas decorations a breeze.

Grouping Items Together

Take a quick inventory of your décor items and group them according to their usage and where they are located in a room. For example, you may want to place tree ornaments together in a single box, while the wreaths and garlands that hang around the home can be placed in a separate one. This way, decorating for next year’s holiday season will be a cinch.

Wrapping & Labels

Since ornaments are generally more prone to breakage, take time to wrap them individually in newspapers. For more fragile items, use bubble wrap. You may want to wrap each tree ornament separately before packing them loosely together in a thick cover of bubble wrap. Label them accordingly so they will be easy to distinguish from one another.

Christmas Lights

Christmas lights require a bit of maintenance before storage. Once you’ve taken down your tree and outdoor lights, check the connecting wires for any signs of breakage or tears. If left unchecked, these breakages may cause a dangerous electrical fire when plugged in next year. Also, inspect the bulbs for any cracks or loose fittings and replace them as necessary. If the conditions of the lights seem unfit, it’s better to throw them away and invest in a brand new set.

Once you’re assured that the lights are fine, carefully wind them around a thick PVC pipe, leaving half an inch between each wrap. This will prevent any tangles or further breakages while in storage. Store these PVC pipes in bubble wrap bags and place them in sturdy plastic containers.

Décor storage doesn’t have to be a chore. By employing these easy tips, you’d be assured of a proper storage system for your treasured ornaments, making the next holiday season an ease to decorate.

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