Picking the perfect location for your Christmas tree can take up a lot of time, especially if you’re feeling undecided.  It’s important to choose the best spot to make sure that all the hard work and time spent decorating won’t go to waste. Read more for a list of things to factor in when deciding where to position your holiday centerpiece.

Photo courtesy of Kristin of Bliss at Home


Most Visibility

Consider placing your tree in the room your family gathers in the most. It could be the den, the living room or the dining room. Your family will definitely enjoy seeing it every day, especially on Christmas day.

Most Convenient

It’s practical to place your holiday trees near electrical outlets to ensure that you won’t have a hard time plugging in your lights. Locations near electrical outlets may be high traffic areas, so think about using smaller artificial trees for these spaces.

Indoors and Outdoors

If you’ve got a house with a big yard or porch, consider placing some Christmas trees outside. This adds to the festive atmosphere, especially if you’re planning to have lots of parties over the holidays.


Avoid Lighting Switches

If possible, avoid placing trees near light switches since people might accidentally dislodge the decorations when they switch the lights on and off.

Avoid Blocking Entryways or Closets

Avoid placing your holiday centerpiece in areas where they could be blocking entryways or closets. Not only will you have a hard time moving around, but you’ll probably end up knocking down ornaments and accents, or even the trees themselves.

We hope these tips will help lessen your stress in choosing the perfect place to set up your Christmas tree, and increase the fun and enjoyment during the holidays. Happy decorating!

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