In small rooms where a full, towering Christmas tree might look overwhelming, a tabletop tree can be a great alternative. A compact tree like this lets you keep the spirit of Christmas alive and well, even in limited spaces like studio apartments or office cubicles.

But there are many types of miniature trees out there, so what’s the best tabletop Christmas tree for your decorating style? Here are some of our favorite options:

Ornament Showcase

Morning Frost Pine Tabletop Trees from Balsam Hill
Morning Frost Tabletop Trees from Balsam Hill

If you love having a Christmas tree specifically to show off your beautiful ornament collection, a small tabletop tree with thin and short needles is perfect for you. These have sparser branches and needles, leaving more room for ornaments and allowing your decorations to be the center of attention.

A potted evergreen tree, on the other hand, is ideal for both lights and ornaments. The foliage is thick, which can support the added weight. In addition, evergreens are shaped like a traditional Christmas tree silhouette and have a lush green color.

Beyond Traditional Trees

Christmas trees in different bold colors make a statement in any room and let you decorate to a more dramatic theme. If you’re going for elegance, miniature white trees are an impeccable way to brighten any space. Red, pink, or teal trees are great options for more whimsical themes.

Balsam Hill also offers non-traditional tabletop trees made from different materials such as glass, resin, and wood. These decorative trees are finely crafted and they exude elegance with their stunning simplicity, while still adding a festive element.

Creative and Fragrant

For a more creative tabletop Christmas tree, consider options made of twigs, adorned with cranberries, or decked out in other seasonal materials. These trees are excellent as table décor, providing a bold statement without overtaking other stylistic elements in the room.

In addition to providing a seasonal look, tabletop trees can also help create a festive environment with their scents. Aromatic topiaries or small trees such as pine, rosemary, bay, and eucalyptus are perfect as fragrant displays. They fill rooms with earthy and homey scents, that can transport you back to Christmases past and help create joyful new holiday associations. Alternately, you can add your favorite seasonal scent to any type of tree with oils and diffusers.

Any of these charming trees exude the same blissful atmosphere of Christmas spirit, in just a fraction of the space of a full-sized tree. No matter which type of tabletop tree you decide to go with, it is sure to help bring a cheerful and festive ambience to any space you place it in.

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