There are many different stories on how Christmas in July started. Some state that its origin can be traced to an old opera song that was popular during the 1890s. Others relate that the celebrations were started in a girl’s summer camp in North Carolina. Some say that it was brought about by people’s desire for cold weather during the warmer times of the year.

Silver and Gold Christmas Porch
Take inspiration from Randi’s Silver and Gold Christmas Porch | Photo courtesy of Randi of Randi Garrett Design

Whether or not these stories are true, it has now grown into a popular non-official holiday: a day for people to bring back the cheer of Christmas in their lives. The following are some ideas you can use to celebrate a fun Christmas in July.

The Theme

Standing Christmas Polar Bears
Balsam Hill’s Standing Christmas Polar Bears

Conjure the traditional image of Christmas by recreating a winter wonderland theme with snowmen or polar bears made of Styrofoam and decorations inspired by candy canes. You can also fill your home with mistletoes, pinecones, and Christmas lights for authenticity.

Deck Your Halls

Courtney's flocked entryway
Our Brand Ambassador, Courtney of French Country Cottage, decks her entryway with Balsam Hill’s collection of flocked foliage

Decorate your hallways and doorways to announce the arrival of Christmas in July. Suspend oversized Christmas balls from your doorway’s light fixtures. Add artificial wreaths with silver or red ornaments. For fresh ambiance with a dramatic look, light up scented citrus candles around your home. Just make sure to not place it near things that are easily flammable.

If you’re having a party, include the right props and costumes. Add Santa hats, stockings, and candy canes to your centerpieces that your guests can play with.

A Christmas Feast

A Christmas in July feast isn’t complete without the usual holiday fare. Prepare a traditional Christmas meal of glazed ham, mince pies, and eggnog. Follow up by serving your guests with huge bowls of ice cream—a way to remind them of the snow they’re missing. If you want something still somewhat rooted in the summer, serve shaved-ice slushies using fresh summer berries and fruit syrup. It’s a great way to bring the two seasons together!

Christmas Trees

What is a Christmas celebration without a tree? For an ultimate Christmas celebration, bring out your artificial Christmas tree and decorate it with your favorite ornaments and lights.

French Country Shimmering Christmas Tree
Maryann of Domestically Speaking adorned her BH Noble Fir with pine cones for a rustic look

If you‘re missing the cold weather, decorate the tree with pine cones of different sizes. You can use tinned copper to tie them securely. There are many craft stores that sell pine cones all throughout the year if you can’t find any in your garden.

Christmas in July is about bringing the cheer of the holidays into the heat of summer. With these ideas and some imagination, you can make a successful party that everyone will enjoy. Have fun planning your party!

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