Mother’s Day is a celebration that easily conjures up memories of home. The way moms fill every corner of the world with love and sunshine elicits this warm feeling.

The pressures of the daily grind may leave you with little time to appreciate the role your mom plays, and few opportunities to express just how much she means to you. But there is still one day out of every year that allows you to remember and, best of all, reconnect with her. This second Sunday of May, go beyond the usual Mother’s Day gifts. Take time out of your busy week and host a brunch party in honor of one amazing woman.

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Dine in the Garden

Never mind the crowded restaurants. Impress your guest of honor by hosting this intimate affair in a private garden sprawling with fresh blooms. You can also include floral accents, such as simple white roses, in your tablescape. Lay one on top of a folded table napkin, and hold it in place by tying a lace ribbon around it.

Balsam Hill_Mothers Day Brunch_Table Setting by Rosen Georgiev
by Rosen Georgiev /

If you prefer fuller floral arrangements, choose hydrangeas that heighten the elegance of your alfresco setting. Hydrangeas are a popular choice because they are easy to arrange and also visually appealing with large blossoms that come in shades of pink, red, purple, and blue. To create a classic look your mom will love, arrange the white variety into a magnificent centerpiece to set off the glass and silverware.

Serve a Menu of Surprises

1. Roasted Turkey Panini & Arugula Pesto Mayo

Since you are hosting a brunch party, you have the opportunity to put together a menu of light but very satisfying courses. Surprise your mom and her friends with this roasted turkey panini with arugula pesto mayo from The creamy spread makes this meal extra special as it brings to life the turkey meat with the herby, tangy goodness of the arugula. Add to that the boldness of smoked mozzarella for a burst of flavor. Serve this heavenly sandwich on a bed of greens, such as the surprising spring salads featured on the Balsam Hill blog in March.

Balsam Hill_Mothers Day Brunch_Panini_by Worakit Sirijinda
by Worakit Sirijinda /

2. Mint Lemonade Spritzer

For a beverage that refreshes the palate, blend together a pitcher of lemonade with mint leaves. If you want more kick, opt for sparkling water to turn this citrus drink into a spritzer. MJ Delights gives this famous cooler an interesting Indian twist by adding a pinch of black salt to temper the sweetness.

Balsam Hill_Mothers Day Brunch_Mint Lemonade by dusky
by dusky /

3. Chocolate-and-Vanilla Cupcakes

Chocolate and citrus make a great combination. As your brunch menu includes a refreshing lemonade blend, you can choose a light chocolate dessert. Cap off the celebration with chocolate-and-vanilla cupcakes sans the butter frosting to keep the meal light and healthy. For a similar treat, go for Melissa d’Arabian‘s banana bread with chocolate chips. This is the kind of recipe that brings back fond memories.

Balsam Hill_Mothers Day Brunch_Cupcakes_by Grant Cochrane
by Grant Cochrane /


Celebrate the Little Things

End your brunch party with a handmade Mother’s Day card to show your love, care, and appreciation to the most wonderful woman on earth. Celebrate the little things only your mom can do, to make her feel truly special. You can also make these personalized notes as a touching gift to friends who are celebrating the day with her.

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Give your mom the gift of quality time. Cherish her by hosting a brunch party on Mother’s Day and reconnect with the most amazing woman in your life.


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