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Holiday Organizing 101: Christmas Tree Care Tips for Your Artificial Evergreen

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Soon after the holidays are over, the task of storing the Christmas tree becomes daunting for busy homeowners and decorators. With Balsam Hill’s comprehensive tree storage guide, you will learn our easy step-by-step process plus a few holiday organizing tips to keep your evergreen looking pristine even while in storage.

Tips on caring for your artificial foliage

  1. Make sure that each decoration on the Christmas tree has been taken down. Take off the tree topper and ornaments on the branches. Afterwards, unplug the lights and carefully remove each string. Store them in a safe location in the meantime.
  2. Get a vacuum and gently give your branches a quick sweep. This will take care of any dust or dirt that may have accumulated during the Christmas season. You can also use a clean cloth and wipe the tips in a brisk but thorough manner.
  3. Unfluff all of the branches. Make sure that all of the stems are facing a single direction. Flatten them using your hands. This procedure will prevent foliage and branch damage once you put your tree in storage. Make sure everything is in order before proceeding with the next step.
  4. Gently lift each section of the tree and set them on the floor. Afterwards, remove the bottom section of the tree base. If you have a prelit tree, make sure to detach the light connections between each tree section.
  5. Store your tree in the same box it came from. These boxes are specially designed to prevent any damage to your evergreen. Even if they get bumped in your garage or basement, the branches and foliage are guaranteed safe. Search for bags that have extra space for wreaths and comes with rollers so it can be hauled off easily to other rooms.
  6. As you place each set of foliage inside the storage bag, make sure that there are no unnecessary strains on the branches and lights, if you have a prelit tree.
  7. Tape the box shut. You can also place the boxes inside large garbage bags to keep out moisture, dust, and pests.
  8. Place your box in a cool and dry area away from direct sunlight. The corner of a basement, garage, or large closet is an ideal location.

Disassemble your artificial Christmas tree properly and keep it safe during the off-season with this easy storage guide from the Balsam Hill blog.

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