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Valentine’s Day happens only once a year, and so it’s important to make it special every time. There are different ways to celebrate this day, but you can always start with a classic candlelit dinner with your loved one. Dress up the dining table for a romantic dinner for two with these elegant table setting ideas:

Romantic Tablescape by Courtney from <a href="””" src=
French Country Cottage” width=”400″ height=”600″> Romantic Tablescape by Courtney from French Country Cottage

Candles and Red Roses

Candles and red roses are a classic recipe for romance. Nothing sets the perfect ambience for Valentine’s Day better than the flickering light of candles and the intense red hue of roses.

Line up candles at the center to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. To add more drama, decorate the plates with rose bouquets and then scatter some petals around the table.

Flowers and Mason Jars

A beautiful view always inspires romance. If you can’t go out for dinner with your loved one, you can always recreate the ambience that most restaurants offer. Hang mason jars with candles and blooms over the table to inspire the perfect dinner date mood. Throw in a nice flower arrangement and use fine china to complete the look.

Old-world Lantern and Wine Glasses

Set the mood for an intimate evening using a few elements such as a candlelit traditional lantern and wine glasses. This simple tablescape is effortlessly romantic, and works well for a dinner date by the beach or the terrace.

Paper Lanterns and Lighthouse

Any outdoor site can be turned into a romantic setting with a few lighting arrangements. Whether you’re setting up by the lake or in a garden, you can create a dreamy tablescape outdoors with paper lanterns. Choose battery-operated candles to ensure a continuous soft, gentle flickering flame in a windy setting, without risking fire. Add a mini lighthouse figurine for a creative touch.

Chandelier and Tall Candleholders

To add elegance to your candlelit dinner date in the garden, hang a chandelier from a tree. The light fixture instantly adds romance with its details and casts a gorgeous glow over your table. A couple of tall candleholders will also make the table setting more elegant.

Dinner by candlelight is a wonderful way to spend Valentine’s Day with your special date. Make this holiday affair unforgettable by setting up a romantic table for your loved one.

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  1. I’m glad that you talked about how tall candleholders can instantly make the table setting more elegant. My wife is coming home after a month-long documentary project overseas. I want to do something special for her when she arrives, so I’ll be sure to set up a romantic dinner at home. It certainly looks like I’ll have to stock up on tall candleholders along with some nice candle lanterns for that classy vibe that I want.

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