5 Budget-Friendly Holiday Decoration Ideas

Households spend hundreds of dollars every year to purchase trendy Christmas décor. Decorating does not have to be expensive, though. You can create ornaments out of affordable materials and things you can find around your home. In fact, you can even bond with your children by involving them in crafting some of the décor. Read on and find out a number of budget-friendly crafting ideas you can use.

Old glassware, our Outdoor Boxwood Wreath, and Fairy String Lights made an elegant centerpiece(Photo courtesy of Lehman Lane)
Old glassware, our Outdoor Boxwood Wreath, and Fairy String Lights made an elegant centerpiece (Photo courtesy of Lehman Lane)

Natural Décor

If you can find materials in your backyard such as pinecones, twigs, berries, or evergreen branches, use these items to create stunning pieces. String the pine cones together to make a wreath for the front door, and drape the evergreen branches over mantels or bannisters. Place the berries and twigs in a clear vase and use them as a centerpiece on the dining table or coffee table in the living room.

Fruit Baskets

Use old baskets and fill them with assorted fruits. Apples, oranges, pears, and grapes mixed with small Christmas balls or other ornaments make for an attractive centerpiece. Put smaller fruit baskets on smaller tables around the house.

Cozy Candles

To create a distinct Christmas ambiance, light small colorful clusters of candles and place them in certain areas. This lends a warm and intimate atmosphere for you and your family, especially at night when the Christmas tree is lit along with the candles. For a safer alternative, use our Miracle Flame Battery-operated Pillar Candles.

Old Glassware

Strip the labels off old wine bottles and use glittery paint or frost paint to give them a different appearance. Tie the middle of the bottles with Christmas ribbons. Use these bottles as a vase for tall twigs, and place them on top of the dining table, on the fireplace mantel, and different corners of your house.

Wall of Memories

Make a life-size scrapbook by mounting memorable things from past Christmases on a blank wall where people usually gather, like the living room. Stick old family pictures, Christmas cards, Christmas wrapping papers, old Christmas sweaters, and other pieces that are important to you and your family. You can also use it like a bulletin board to welcome family members and guests into your home.

By making use of the items around your home, you’ll be able to create Christmas décor that is truly unique. Unleash your creativity upon items long deemed passé and personalize your décor with things that you love. Happy decorating!

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