In our Home Décor Designer Spotlight post a few weeks ago, we introduced you to internationally acclaimed floral artist, Brad Schmidt. His immense talent for creating bold and beautiful arrangements can be seen in several of our new foliage products, such as the Balsam Hill Charlestown Decorated Wreath and Garland. In this post, we showcase Brad’s flair and artistry by sharing his signature decorated Christmas tree featured in our 2015 catalog.

Brad decorated the stately California Baby Redwood tree with the Napa Jewel Ornament Set to create a colorful and sophisticated holiday centerpiece.

Creating the Tree Topper

For this tree, Brad began decorating from the top and worked his way down. When thinking about a tree topper, imagine something distinctive that can hold its own against the rest of the tree. Instead of the usual angels, stars, and finials, Brad opted to create a tree topper with some beautiful floral picks and ribbon.

Tree topper made of floral picks and ribbon
Tree topper made of floral picks and ribbon

Brad started off with Velvet Lame Patchwork ribbon for a base, forming it into a tight croissant roll for structure. This ribbon has a wired edge that makes it easy to form into bows or loops. He then added Gilded Leaves and Mini Purple Poinsettia picks, as their colors picked up the hues in the ribbon. He arranged them evenly to form a cascading effect, like a waterfall.

Hand-blown and intricately detailed ornament
Hand-blown and intricately detailed ornament

Decorating the Tree

The Napa Jewel Ornament Set features intricately embellished ornaments in various shapes and colors, making it the perfect choice for creating the rich, opulent holiday statement that Brad envisioned.

The Velvet Lame Patchwork ribbon is a study in rich textures and colors
The Velvet Lame Patchwork ribbon is a study in rich colors and textures

Brad cascaded the Velvet Lame Patchwork ribbon from the topper all the way down, accenting it subtly with Gold Fine Mesh ribbon. The rich textures and vibrant hues of these ribbons also contrast beautifully with the lush green of the foliage, and work well with the jewel tones of the ornaments. In keeping with the luxurious feel, he adorned the tree with Gold Bouquet picks, adding an airy and light element to the overall décor.

Brad carefully positioning ornaments and accents
Brad carefully positioning ornaments and accents

Finally, Brad placed the ribbon in even intervals around the tree, and decorated the gaps with balanced combinations of picks and ornaments. The result is a display that is bursting with color without being overwhelming. This kind of theme is perfect for any space that is sparsely decorated and makes for an impressive Yuletide welcome for your guests and loved ones.

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