With Christmas right around the corner, shoppers are filling their carts with the best holiday offers. Soon enough, finding the perfect Christmas tree might be a challenge. If you’ve been waiting for the right moment when to buy Balsam Hill Christmas trees, this is it.

Get an early start on your amazing holiday display and find the biggest discounts during the Balsam Hill Black Friday sale. Beat the holiday rush, avoid shipping delays and stock-outs—all without even leaving your home. Want to know what are the best Christmas trees on Black Friday sale? Check them out below.

Classic Blue Spruce Tree

The Classic Blue Spruce is Colorado’s state tree and features a full look. The tree is made with 100% Classic Needle foliage in blue-green and silvery hues, reminiscent of the majestic evergreens that thrive in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Choose from a variety of heights and lighting options that suit your space and style.

Silverado Slim™

The Silverado Slim is one of our most realistic Christmas trees. Designed after evergreens along the historic Silverado Trail in Napa Valley, this slender tree will add sophisticated elegance to your entryways and narrow spaces. It features bountiful medium green needles with long, pronged outer tips and light brown branches. All pre-lit models of the Silverado Slim are offered with the Easy Plug™ technology which makes lighting your tree as easy as plugging it into the wall socket.

BH Fraser Fir™

The BH Fraser Fir is the most realistic tree that we’ve ever created. Considered as the best Christmas tree species in nature, we’ve modeled the BH Fraser Fir from actual branch clippings of the Abies fraseri. It features 40 different tip variations—the most variety we’ve ever done for any of our trees. From the two-toned rich green needles with silver undersides to its five-split forked tips accented by natural-looking warm brown branches, up to its organic treetop, we’ve made sure to replicate every detail so you can enjoy a lifelike farm-grown Fraser fir for years.

Stratford Spruce™

The Stratford Spruce is designed with a slightly fuller profile than most of our slim trees, making it versatile enough to fit a variety of spaces. It features ultra-realistic foliage with medium-green needles and long five-way forking tips, accented by light brown stems. This luxurious tree comes with a variety of lighting options and is available from 6.5 feet to 9 feet tall.

Berkshire Mountain Fir™ Tree

The Berkshire Mountain Fir is one of our traditional Christmas trees crafted with durable Classic Needle foliage. Featuring a tiered branch structure, this tree forms a narrow silhouette which makes it ideal for any space and decorating theme. With its compact shape and price, you can consider this tree as one of Balsam Hill’s best-value Christmas trees.

This is your last chance to grab an artificial Christmas tree before the holiday season begins! Browse through our full list of Balsam Hill Christmas tree Black Friday sale deals and complete your decorating with our collection of home décor and accessories on sale, too.

For tips on finding the perfect tree for your home, read this quick guide.


  1. I wouldn’t like to return the tree that I bought but I wanted it to be taller. Is there anything that I could add to it to make it look taller? Are there any extra pieces I can add? Or do you have any tips?

    Thank you,

      • I would love to win a tree. I haven’t had a tree in. 20 years. I would be a dream come true 🙏

  2. Anna Baker Reply

    Had to throw away all my trees because of a leak in storage unit….would be so excited to win ne!!!

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