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The Best Time to Put Up Your Christmas Tree

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It can be said that holiday revelry begins right after Thanksgiving. As the Yuletide season rolls in, everyone eagerly anticipates Christmas. People make a list of parties they plan on attending, shop for presents to give to loved ones, and decorate their homes.

Putting up a tree is best done with family, especially children (Photo courtesy of The Mama Notes)
Putting up a tree is best done with family, especially children (Photo courtesy of The Mama Notes)

One of the major items on anyone’s to-do list is, of course, setting up the family Christmas tree. Which leads to the question—when is the ideal time to put one up?

The best time to set up your Christmas tree largely depends on whether it is real or artificial. Below are some tips to guide you:

Real Trees

If you prefer a real tree, many people suggest bringing in a freshly cut tree on the first week of December. Regularly watering your tree every morning will allow it to stay fresh for four to six weeks.

Some experts recommend getting a real tree one to two weeks before the 25th. This allows the wonderful scent of pine to infuse every corner of the room it is placed in. The fragrance will peak right before your children begin opening their presents on Christmas morning.

Artificial Trees

If you want to put up a tree as early as the day after Thanksgiving, then an artificial Christmas tree is the best option. Decorate it with sparkling trinkets and colorful ribbons, and envelop your home in holiday cheer even before December begins.

With an artificial tree, there’s no need to worry about disposing of dried and shed needles after the Christmas feast is over. It allows the family to enjoy the holiday décor, even after New Year.

Many people, however, say that the best time to put up a Christmas tree depends on one’s family tradition. Some put up the tree as early as November, while others wait until the last minute.

Setting up the tree is not just about sprucing up your home for Christmas. It’s about creating happy, long-lasting memories after the holidays are over.

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