Spring Décor 101: What is the Best Material for Artificial Flowers?

Artificial florals have been around for hundreds of years. Traditionally, they’re made of silk, but permanent blooms today are crafted using a wider range of materials. Despite the use of synthetics, the best artificial flowers on the market are delightfully lifelike. The right materials and techniques make them look as good as—if not better than—their real counterparts.

Read our quick guide to learn more about the materials commonly used to craft faux foliage. Also, find out what the best material is for artificial flowers.

What are artificial flowers made of?


Silk flowers are one of the most common alternatives to real blooms. Originally used to honor deities, they’re now a popular choice for artificial wedding bouquets. While silk petals have a delicate finish, they’re also fragile. Plus, they may need more cleaning than other artificial flowers. So, consider displaying silk blooms indoors to lessen exposure to the elements. These would look great on bedside tables or bookshelves. 


Polyester fabric is used to produce most artificial flowers today. Manufacturers usually dye, cut, and assemble these by hand to recreate the shape and texture of real blooms. The material is also quite malleable. Because of this, you’ll find various types of polyester décor flowers like flower wreaths, garlands, hanging baskets, and window boxes.


Foam flowers are robust and can withstand certain weather conditions such as rain. This is what makes them ideal artificial flowers for outdoors. To maximize their durability, use foam-made blooms to make the perfect backdrop. Or, incorporate them in overhead decorations for al fresco celebrations. Here’s one idea: make a floral archway for weddings, baptisms, and other themed parties.


High-quality plastic flowers endure prolonged water exposure, making them ideal for year-round use. Take advantage of this by creating a spa-like experience at home with plastic florals. Firstly, place a few flowers in a ceramic bowl filled with water in your bathroom. Next, string some blooms together with a nylon fishing line to form a flower curtain. Finally, complete your tranquil sanctuary with spring scents and candles.


Get inspired by crafters and DIY enthusiasts who create paper flowers out of tissue, crepe paper, or card stock. These blooms look like artificial and dried flora and make charming accents to any space. To elevate a Bohemian-themed room, combine paper blooms with dried flowers. Then, place them in a rustic container. Or, drape a paper flower garland over your headboard to add a cozy touch to your bedroom. 

What is the best material for artificial flowers?

While each material has its advantages, polyester achieves the most realistic look. It’s versatile in its ability to accept different colorings. Yet, it’s also delicate enough to capture the essence of real petals. These make polyester flowers lifelike, whether appreciated from afar or up close.

Balsam Hill features a wide array of polyester-made flowers. Each floral arrangement boasts a natural-looking shine and touch that makes it stand out. The petals and leaves are hand-painted using premium materials, ensuring only the most natural-looking color and detail. In addition, we assemble most arrangements by hand, taking special care to include various accents.

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Explore our wide selection of artificial flowers for your home. From artificial roses to vibrant wildflowers, you can be sure to find florals to suit your decorating style. When decorating exterior spaces, use our outdoor-safe flowers. They’re crafted with UV protection to resist sun damage and fading. Finally, have an abundance of the most popular blooms in your home this season with these trending artificial foliage

We hope this post was able to guide you in choosing the best artificial flowers for your spaces. Browse our catalog to see our latest spring styles and inspiration.

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