Getting a small room spruced up for the season is a huge challenge. Here at Balsam Hill, we believe that a compact area shouldn’t limit your holiday decorations. Even with limited space, small rooms can be maximized to reflect the season’s festivities. Below are our best Christmas trees that jazz up a home while using minimal space.

The Red Spruce Slim from our Vermont Signature™ is an excellent décor for hallways and entryways. Ranging from 6.5 to 9 feet, this slender tree features layered branches and True Needle™ tips for low-hanging ornaments. The foliage has short to medium-sized stems and reddish brown branches, giving it a very natural, life-like appearance

Our Sonoma Slim has a width of 26 to 28 inches and comes from the Napa Christmas™ Signature Collection. Its svelte silhouette conveys class and sophistication, giving an elegant touch to foyers and corners. Display a trio to create a luxurious look and a festive holiday spirit that will surely charm guests.

Flat Backs feature an altered shape that creates the look of a full tree while fully utilizing a limited area. Designed to be placed against the wall, the Fifth Avenue Flat Back sports the look of a full tree without taking up precious floor space.

Don’t let small spaces limit the Christmas cheer in your home. With a little creativity and lots of imagination, the possibilities are endless. Happy decorating!

For more space-saving trees, visit Balsam Hill.

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